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TLD 5th Production Contract completed for Lockheed Martin

TLD 5th Production Contract completed for Lockheed Martin

Inter-Coastal Electronics (ICE) has completed final delivery on the fifth production contract of Training Laser Designators (TLDs) to Lockheed Martin. The TLD is an eye-safe laser that is permanently embedded in the Gen 3 Day Sensor Assembly (DSA) produced by Lockheed Martin and installed on all AH-64E Guardian helicopters. The TLD transmits MILES coded messages to simulate weapon engagements during training exercises.

TLDs are manufactured at the ICE facility in Mesa, Arizona, to meet precise specifications for performance of laser diodes, assembly of circuit cards, and machining of housings to perfectly fit into the Guardian Apache’s Gen 3 DSA. Prior to acceptance and delivery, these training lasers are rigorously tested through dozens of vibration and temperature cycles to ensure reliable operation in any flight condition and in the harshest environments possible.

ICE has delivered TLDs to Lockheed Martin on five (5) separate procurements since 2018. In total, ICE has now delivered 664 TLDs for the AH-64E fleet worldwide, to the U.S. Army and 15 other international partners and allies. ICE and Lockheed Martin have completed negotiations for the next production contract, which is intended to include an additional 600+ TLDs, to fully meet the needs of all AH-64E new builds and remanufactures worldwide.

ICE is proud to continue to support the best helicopter gunship in the world, and sustain our long record of delivering quality, world class live training products to customers around the world.