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SimADAS: Highly Automated Vehicle Solution

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SimADAS: A Plug-in for SimCreator and DX

SimADAS allow for various levels of automation for the evaluation of human interaction with highly automated vehicles in both city and freeway driving environments. SimADAS enhances the understanding of this relationship, which will be key to ensuring safe highly automated vehicles.

SimADAS Features

Features cover SAE level 1 and 2 of driving automation, fully customizable, adjustments to meet OEM specifications.

SIMADAS is SAE 1 = Alerts and SAE 2 = Assists


Available Functions

• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Lane-Keeping Assist
• Blind-Spot Monitoring
• Forward Collision Warning
• Traffic Jam Assist
• Cruise Control
• Emergency Braking
• Pedestrian Warning
• Lane Departure Warning
• Sharp Curve Warning
• Speed Limit Warning

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A level 1 and 2 of driving automation software plug-in for driving research.