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Realtime Technologies was founded in 1998.  We specialize in multibody vehicle dynamics, and graphical simulation and modeling.  We offer simulation software applications, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and software and hardware development.

We originally focused on providing consulting services in real time operatorintheloop simulation. During those formative years, we developed  SimCreator, our lead product.

RealTime Technologies has delivered software and engineering solutions to a large number of major ground vehicle simulator developers. Realtime Technologies is expanding rapidly into the market for simulators.  In addition, we’ve provided extensive consulting and development support to the US Army TACOM.

Realtime Technologies employs excellent people with stellar skills.  We’re serious about developing top-notch, leading-edge products and providing excellent customer service. We do it in a casual atmosphere. 

Realtime Technologies is a healthy growing business with offices in Michigan and Utah. Our customer base includes international, government and private entities.

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The realism you feel from driving in the simulator is not only from the visual systems but also from the feedback that you get from the steering wheel. The vehicle dynamics are modeled very accurately. It really does feel like it is state-of-the-art technology.

Jason Rogers, University of Florida, Computer Applications Coordinator

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