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Research Bike Simulator

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Research Bike Simulator

The research bike simulator is available as an add-on to the RDS products. A mirror will be inset onto the projector screen so the rider can see behind them. Sensors are placed at the front and rear wheels to measure wheel turning angle and speed of the rider. A constant force-resistance attachment will also be placed for rear wheel pedal force. The short-throw front projector will be combined with one computer for SimCreator and visuals.


The quality of visual graphics directly affects a user’s ability to become immersed in the virtual environment. Our simulator supports visual effects such as fog, rain, dynamic shadows, headlights, deformable terrain, ambient lighting models, and pre-rendered light maps.

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• Full-size adult hybrid bicycle
• Platform with a turntable for steering
• Forward projection screen and projector
• Inset rearview image
• 5.1 surround sound audio system


• Multiple bikes and styles available
• Three or more screen options for wider FOV
• Noise canceling headphones
• Operator station laptop

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