A complete simplified solution for driving simulation

Realtime Technologies offers a broad array of tools for your simulation research needs. These simplified tools let you build, configure, experiment, capture and review results effectively so that you can focus on your research right away.

Providing Effective Research Tools For Our Customers

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Your research is only as good as your model. Realtime Technologies specializes in building world-class simulators for driving research. These bring together multi-body vehicle dynamics, stunning graphical simulation, and precise vehicle and environment modeling. Our end-to-end customer-for-life approach encompasses custom simulation and engineering solutions, consulting services, and hardware/software development.

Realtime Technologies modular, scalable hardware/software solutions make it easy to build onto your simulation as your research expands or changes direction:

“Being able to expand the system … [and] program our own algorithms, and to use it for any study that we can think of [is vital] … The realism you feel from driving in the simulator is not only from the visual systems but also from the feedback you get from the steering wheel. The vehicle dynamics are modeled very accurately. … The face validity of that is very important to the research projects that will be conducted in this lab.” — Jason Rogers, Computer Applications Coordinator, University of Florida


Build with SimCreator DX

SimCreator DX is the next generation user interface that allows you to design your experiments and collect data more rapidly.

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Configure with SimCreator

SimCreator is a graphical, hierarchical, real-time simulation and modeling system. SimCreator is the product that launched Realtime Technologies. And it is the technology upon which many of our products are based.

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Test your experiment on any of the RDS Simulators, from the RDS-100 Desktop to the RDS-2000 Full cab simulator.

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Capture with SimObserver

Realtime Technologies is proud to offer SimObserver, stand-alone video capture and after action review system. SimObserver’s MPEG-2 video compression and open communications protocol allow you to record digital video and real-time data from multiple independent sources.

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Results with Data Distillery

Review test results with Data Distillery for advanced data analysis.

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