Providing Remote Options for our Customers

“Our goal was to provide our loyal customers with a way to keep them and their staff engaged and working. The deployable software dongle, allowing access to the powerful RTI software suite from remote/home devices, achieved that goal. Once we reached out to our current support customers, they were not only interested but excited to be able to maintain productivity under these unprecedented conditions. The positive feedback validates our team’s efforts and reinforces the notion that we are in this fight together.”

Heather Stoner, General Manager of Realtime Technologies.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst

“We have tens of experiments now waiting to be run, many still requiring the development of scenarios. RTI has let us continue this work by allowing us to pivot to the remote development environment enabling us to be ready to run participants much sooner than we would have been otherwise. I know I speak for the many researchers with whom I work when I say that we cannot thank RTI enough.  You have brought some renewed energy to us, helped keep us safe, and allowed us to continue to do what we love.”

Donald Fisher, Professor Emeritus and former Department Head of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Oregon State University

“The actions taken by the team at Realtime Technologies to provide our students remote access to our versions of the development software was exceptional, and single-handedly provided our students continued pathways to the successful completion of their research projects and degrees. Additionally, this may well help push back stop-work orders on several of our projects, which in turn will help continue to pay our graduate students.”

Dr. David Hurwitz, Associate Professor and Eric H.I and Janice Hoffman Faculty Scholar in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University

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Complete Solutions for Driving Simulation

The RDS-100D Development Station. The RDS-100 Development Simulator brings the off-line scenario editing and development capabilities to your lab. This development system will add capacity to your lab allowing the main simulator to run studies; while others develop scenarios for later use on the larger simulator.

The RDS-1000 features a quarter-cab design with a 210° field-of-view. It has the smallest footprint for real-vehicle equipment, including a real steering wheel with control loaded steering, real accelerator, and brake pedals, along with a fully customizable virtual dashboard.

Collect & Review
SimObserver Pro v 4.0 is a stand-alone after-action review system that allows you to record digital video and data from multiple independent sources. SimObserver records simulation activity from up to four vantage points. The synchronized views are displayed simultaneously in quad view and synchronized with other digital data upon playback. Now available in HD and UHD




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