Royal Oak, Michigan–APRIL, 2015— Realtime Technologies, Inc (RTI), a part of Arotech Corporation’s (NasdaqGM: ARTX) Training and Simulation Division, announced today that its expansion into premiere R&D labs continues with the delivery of another full cab sim to the Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley.


Currently, Nissan uses an RTI full cab simulator in its Farmington Hills, Mich. Research Center. With the addition of another full cab, Nissan will be able to perform research and development from what is widely considered as ground zero for the self-driving car industry.  By selecting RTI’s full cab simulator, Nissan’s drivers will experience one of the most realistic driving environments available.


When asked about furthering the relationship with Nissan, RTI’s Senior Project Manager, Heather Stoner said, “RTI is excited to provide such a state-of-the-art system to Nissan. We look forward to working with them on this and future projects involving technology of the future.”


For this delivery, Nissan chose to further expand upon the research environment by requesting a motion system platform, virtual displays, and a cylindrical screen. Known for their motion dynamics, RTI leveraged their in-house capabilities to integrate a motion system platform onto the simulator’s cab. When coupled with a fully customizable vehicle center stack, virtual dash display and a high resolution edge-blended curved projection screen, the driver will have a fully immersive experience.


RTI also provided SimObserver HD, RTI’s stand-alone video capture software. For Nissan, the additional software package will enhance the overall simulation experience for both operator and driver. By serving as an after action review system, it provides unparalleled insight into the driving experience by indexing through all events or just those of a certain category.


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