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Explore Simulation for Transportation Research at the 103rd Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (January 7-11, 2024, Washington, D.C., Booth #1024)

Explore Simulation for Transportation Research at the 103rd Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (January 7-11, 2024, Washington, D.C., Booth #1024)

Realtime Technologies (RTI)—FAAC’s research training and simulation division—is looking forward to discussing the latest in simulation software and hardware applications for transportation research at the 103rd TRB Annual Meeting (January 7–11, 2024, in Washington, D.C.).

For more than a century, the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting has been the transportation field’s premier marketplace for new ideas. TRB’s Annual Meeting typically brings in tens of thousands of transportation professionals from around the world to host and attend sessions and workshops addressing the latest innovations and research in transportation system management, public safety, public policy, and more. This year, RTI is pleased to be showcasing SimCreator 4.0 at the TRB Annual Meeting.

SimCreator has long been RTI’s flagship product, offering researchers and designers a graphical, hierarchical, real-time simulation and modeling system that readily integrates into their research and development environments. It’s a complete suite of scenario and simulation authoring tools that allow researchers to develop vehicle and driving simulation models with speed and ease—and without writing a line of code. SimCreator 4.0 takes this even further.

SimCreator 4.0: Our Most Powerful Simulator Software to Date

SimCreator 4.0 includes a powerful new software development kit that allows users to get under the hood and do more, without sacrificing ease of creation and editing. It gives users the option of using the built-in capabilities of SimCreatorDX, or extending the system and implementing features by integrating third-party products or incorporating their own custom C++ modules. SimCreator 4.0 also integrates with MathWorks’ RoadRunner and OpenDRIVE data sets, for added flexibility.

SimCreator 4.0 ships with SafetyCity 2, RTI’s latest visual driving environment database. SafetyCity 2 is a 10km x 6km geo-typical continuous space. It offers urban, rural, mountainous, and desert environments, including a continuous highway around the perimeter, on/off ramps, roundabouts, protected left turns, and other common traffic controls.

All of this is powered by RTI’s latest graphics engine, Fusion 2. The new Fusion 2 graphics engine is optimized for vehicle simulation use, and supports more image generator channels. It offers even more detailed and geographically diverse environments, as well as current vehicle models. The dynamic lighting options have also been expanded to capture more nuances across a range of daylight and weather conditions. A new 3D sound engine supports directional sound, Doppler effects, and the ability to associate sounds with entities for greater scenario immersion.

SimCreator 4.0 with SDK offers continued support for Scalable edge-blending software (enabling curved screens), D-BOX motion systems, E2M motion systems, WAGO I/O and MODBUS I/O, and RTI’s other core products:

SimObserver Pro 4.0—a stand-alone, post-session review system that allows you to record digital video and data from multiple independent sources

SimADAS—a software module that simulates both SAE level 1 and 2 Driving Automation, fully customizable to meet OEM specifications

SimDriver—an autonomous vehicle control simulation solution for evaluating human interaction with fully automated vehicles in a variety of driving environments.

Meet the FAAC Team at TRB

“SimCreator 4.0 is a more powerful, flexible, and robust platform for vehicle related research,” explains David Bouwkamp, FAAC Executive Director of Commercial Business Development. “It feels more contemporary, with upgraded visuals and more modern tool sets. Common use cases are delivered out of the box, including all of the features that RTI customers have come to expect. But we’ve also increased the end user’s ability to customize the platform, should they want to extend these robust built-in capabilities.”

David will be on hand at the 103rd TBR Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. with a team from RTI (including senior software engineer Ben Tamagne and software integrator/trainer Alex Scheuer). They’re eager to share their experience, answering questions, and give participants an opportunity to put SimCreator 4 through its paces.

Interested in learning about the latest in vehicle simulation and modeling? Come chat with David and FAAC’s team at Booth #1024 January 7-11. Can’t make it to TBR this year? You can reach us anytime! Contact us when you’re ready to learn more.