Complete Solutions for Driving Simulation

The RDS-100D Development Station. The RDS-100 Development Simulator brings the off-line scenario editing and development capabilities to your lab. This development system will add capacity to your lab allowing the main simulator to run studies; while others develop scenarios for later use on the larger simulator.

The RDS-1000 features a quarter-cab design with a 210° field-of-view. It has the smallest footprint for real-vehicle equipment, including a real steering wheel with control loaded steering, real accelerator, and brake pedals, along with a fully customizable virtual dashboard.

Collect & Review
SimObserver Pro v 4.0 is a stand-alone after-action review system that allows you to record digital video and data from multiple independent sources. SimObserver records simulation activity from up to four vantage points. The synchronized views are displayed simultaneously in quad view and synchronized with other digital data upon playback. Now available in HD and UHD




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SimCreator DX is the latest generation of Realtime Technologies’ scenario authoring and development software founded upon SimVista. This new graphical user interface allows researchers to rapidly develop scenarios with pre-defined configurable behaviors called maneuvers. SimCreator DX provides various user permissions to facilitate both development and experimentation mode. Using SimCreator DX’s scenario control panel, the researcher can select their experiment and run the scenarios.

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SimADAS is a separate software module that allows for various levels of automation of the ownship vehicles. Features cover SAE level 1 and 2 of Driving Automation, fully customizable, adjustments to meet OEM specifications.

The following functions are available:

  • adaptive cruise control
  • lane-keeping
  • blind-spot monitoring
  • forward collision warning
  • lane departure warning
  • traffic jam assist
  • cruise control
  • emergency braking
  •  pedestrian warning

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SimDriver is an autonomous vehicle control solution that allows for the evaluation of human interaction with automated vehicles in both city and freeway driving environments. SimDriver enhances the understanding of this relationship, which will be vital to ensuring safe autonomous vehicles.

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