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Join us at the TRB Annual Meeting January 13-17, 2019 in Washington DC. Visit booth #1007 to see SimCreator DX, our latest scenario authoring, and development software, our NEW RDS-1000, and the NEW Tablet RSCP (Remote Simulation control Panel)

Providing Effective Research Tools For Our Customers

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 Realtime Technologies specializes in building world-class simulators for driving research. These bring together multi-body vehicle dynamics, stunning graphical simulation, and precise vehicle and environment modeling. Our end-to-end customer-for-life approach encompasses custom simulation and engineering solutions, consulting services, and hardware/software development.

Realtime Technologies modular, scalable hardware/software solutions make it easy to build onto your simulation as your research expands or changes direction:

“Something that used to take a couple hours to code-like getting the dog to cross the road-now takes seconds with the power of the Maneuvers….we’re supporting researchers in developing experiments rapidly now. In the past it would have taken two to three months or more to do the scenario programming and tuning. Now we’re estimating three weeks or less to be able to run their study.” Heather Stoner-General Manager, RealTime Technologies

Advanced Scenario Generation with SimCreator DX

SimCreator DX is the latest generation of Realtime Technologies’ scenario authoring and development software founded upon SimVista. This new graphical user interface allows researchers to rapidly develop scenarios with pre-defined configurable behaviors called maneuvers. SimCreator DX provides various user permissions to facilitate both development and experimentation mode. Using SimCreator DX’s scenario control panel, the researcher can select their experiment and run the scenarios.

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The RDS-1000 has the smallest footprint for real-vehicle equipment, including a real steering wheel with control, loaded steering, real accelerator, and brake pedals, along with a fully customizable virtual dashboard. The RDS-1000 features a quarter-cab design with a standard 180° field-of-view.

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Experimental Control from the Palm of your hand with the Tablet RSCP

The Tablet RSCP (Remote Simulation Control Panel) allows experimental control over the simulator from a wireless tablet. Start your experiment, choose your scenario, see your active maneuver or even pause the simulation all from the convent portable interface. The Tablet RSCP also allows you to directly active maneuvers or mark events with the push of a button from the cab or other locations rather than from the operator’s station; giving you the flexibility to observe and interact with the participant anywhere within wireless range of the simulator. The Tablet RSCP allows a new level of flexibility of experimentation with SimCreator DX.


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