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MILO Announces Research Partnership with Kent State University

Published on October 28, 2021

Arotech Corporation’s Training and Simulation Division (ATSD) announces a research and development partnership between MILO’s Cognitive Division and the Kent State University Electrophysiological Neuroscience Laboratory of Kent (ENLoK). “ENLoK is generating path-breaking social science discoveries,” said Dr. Lisa Troyer, program manager, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory, “The team’s efforts are leading … Continued

Virginia Beach Police increase officer training with new MILO simulator

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A split-second decision can mean the difference between life and death, which is why Virginia Beach Police are revamping the way officers are trained. In April, through grant money, the department purchased the MILO training simulator. It’s a computer system equipped with more than 1,000 scenarios that put officers, recruits, and even … Continued

Using Your EMS Simulation to Train Your Policy

Published on October 15, 2021

Using Your EMS Simulation to Train Your Policy
In a recent article in EMS World Barry Bachenheimer (EDD, FF/EMT) wrote about how the first 60 seconds of a call—and the impression you make on the people at the scene—has an enormous impact on how that call will proceed. “A professional appearance,” Bachenheimer writes, “inspires confidence. If you have pride in your look, it … Continued

MILO Simulator used in Macomb Citizen Police Academy

Published on October 13, 2021

Macomb law enforcement agencies have been working to implement reforms to address the concerns of residents and those on the front lines. At the forefront of many initiatives is how to better deal with the public. The Eastpointe Police Department’s Chaplain Program and the Sterling Heights Citizens Police Academy are examples of programs that build … Continued

Swappable Panels for Public Transport Simulation Training

Published on October 8, 2021

Swappable Panels for Public Transport Simulation Training
As we’ve discussed in the past, one key to the effectiveness of public transport simulation training is “presence“—i.e., the trainee’s convincing subjective experience of being in an actual vehicle. As Rob Raheb (an internationally published author and expert in simulation and driver training) has noted: “The more realistic the simulation is, the more ‘buy in’ … Continued

MILO Simulators used to Train Michigan Medicine Public Safety and Security

Published on October 4, 2021

The University of Michigan’s Michigan Medicine Public Safety and Security team was awarded two Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) for the 2021 season, in part because of their work utilizing Multiple Integrated Learning Objectives (MILO) training. The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) recognize and reward companies and individuals across the security sector. The awards are … Continued

Taking EMS Simulation Beyond Dummies and Manikins

Published on October 1, 2021

Taking EMS Simulation Beyond Dummies and Manikins
As Jennifer McCarthy (MAS, NRP, CHSE-A) noted in a recent post to EMS World, “Paramedicine is one of few health professions that utilizes simulation as part of its initial licensing process.” According to McCarthy, EMS simulation has clearly demonstrated that “evidence-based simulation activities [promote] identification of error-producing practices.” That, in turn, creates “a safe learning … Continued