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A flexible and scalable vehicle simulation solution

Distracted driving.  Occupational therapy.  Automotive user experience design.  Human/AI shared vehicle control strategies – Realtime Technologies partners with designers and researchers throughout industry and academia.  We bring together multi-body vehicle dynamics, detailed graphical simulation, coordinated multi-sensory cuing, and precise vehicle and environment modeling in a single flexible and scalable simulator solution.


Driving Research Simulators

University of Florida Driver Simulation Training

Driving Research Simulators at OSU by FAAC

Realtime Technologies - OSU Driving Simulation Lab

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Driving Research Simulators
Driving Research Simulators at OSU by FAAC

Vehicle Simulation with SimCore

The SimCore driving simulation platform is designed to readily integrate into research environments.  It’s a complete hardware/software solution, with every aspect configured to suit your research—from low-cost generic driving simulators built around gaming-style steering and pedal sets, to custom mock-up vehicles with full instrumentation based on current or future production vehicles or concepts.

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Automotive Simulators:

All of the software elements of your simulator are controlled through SimCreator, our real-time simulation and modeling system.  Through its graphical interface, you can easily configure and coordinate the vehicles, dynamics, environments, monitoring, and driver feedback vital to your research.  SimCreator’s modular, scalable software makes it easy to build on your original model as your research expands or changes direction.

SimCreator has two primary modules:

  • Vehicle dynamics themselves are designed in the SimVehicle software, which can model a wide range of vehicle types (four-, six-, or eight-wheeled, tracked) with varying load types and sizes, even equipment malfunctions
  • Simulation scenarios and environments are crafted in SimVista—which also allows for on-the-fly control of the scenario, including modifications to weather, lighting, driving, and vehicle conditions, joystick control of pedestrians and other vehicles, etc.

Depending on your research needs and simulation requirements, SimCreator can be supplemented with:

  • SimObserver a video capture system that can include driver eye tracking
  • SimDriver an autonomous interaction simulation software

SimCreator’s modular, scalable software smoothly integrate with other software packages and can be scaled and modified over time as your research expands or changes direction.  Up to 10 driving research simulators can be simultaneously networked using SimConnect, creating a rich, naturalistic environment in which many human drivers are interacting with the same scenario.

Vehicle Simulation Customer-for-Life

We invest time in understanding your research needs and policies up front, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate vehicle/driver simulation solution.  We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your work, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your research inevitably changes over time.

We don’t just sell equipment; we partner with researchers and institutions to develop their ideal vehicle and driver simulation solution.

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Realtime Technologies’ (RTI) on-road simulator is a turn-key driving simulation platform that can be applied to research, training, or automotive product development programs. Our modular, scalable system design means you can build from your original simulator design, adding components and avoiding the need to replace your entire simulator as your fidelity requirements increase.

Research On-Road Driving Simulators