VITALS - Virtual Instructor / Trainee Assessment & Learning System

VITALS is an interactive assessment application that records training performance and allows the instructor to forecast student behavior based on results. The instructor can then predict student input and help the student adjust their decision making. This effective tool also acts as an interactive playbook for the instructor that helps guide them to train to policy instead of field practice.


Train to Policy. Beyond Scoring.

This effective training tool goes beyond scoring by helping instructors train to policy, not field practice.

• Effective review and assessment process
• Record students’ every step
• Analyze performance and debrief
• Customize events to agency policy



VITALS is now available on NPPGov. For more Contract Details:

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• Forms, legal documentation, price lists, and other information can be found on the FAAC vendor page
• Sign the Intergovernmental Agreement
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• Provide your NPPGov member number on the purchase order


VITALS records every action the student makes for later assessment.


With the timeline tracking system students actions are marked in colored zones by incomplete, needs improvement or completed.


The instructor can help student adjust their behaviors by reviewing and correcting them to the agency policy.


The Student practices the corrected behavior by replaying the scenario and using the actions that meet policy.


Once all actions are complete, the colored zones will turn green; this indicates that learning has occurred.



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