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Paratransit Driving Simulator

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Simulator Features

  • Actual Fleet Vehicle with choice of realistic or precise replica cab
  • Adjustable, real working mirrors with side-to-sky viewing angles and 340 degree field of view
  • 4K/UHD monitors
  • Integrated Cab-Only Motion System providing realistic and real-time feedback from the driving environment
  • TrueFeel Steering provides a more realistic “feel” for force feedback, camber recovery, tire scrub, curb strikes, and road vibration
  • Doppler effect surround sound to is used enhance the driver perception of acceleration, deceleration, and cornering
  • Customizable scripted scenario lessons
  • Response Situational Simulator: includes realistic passenger and pedestrian interactions

Multimodal Solutions

Multimodal solutions present a unique work environment and appropriate controls associated with paratransit and on-demand services. The accuracy of the presentation within the driver’s area for each distinct driving discipline promotes positive, consistent training throughout the learning process. Tasks will be performed the same whether training occurs within the classroom using the simulator or on the road using a service vehicle.

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Realistic training for a host of transit vehicles.

Our versatile simulator designs have resulted in training systems that can be used for basic skills development, refresher activities, annual certification, and remedial lessons. FAAC’s transit simulators are industry standard and continue to lead innovation and advancement.

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Highlight: Actual Fleet Vehicles

  • 340 Degree field of view
  • Adjustable, real working mirrors
  • Choice of realistic or precise replica cab
  • 4K/UHD monitors
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Key Benefits

  • Mobile or fixed facility applications
  • Effective forward planning training
  • Ensure pedestrian safety during turns
  • Mastery of mirror usage techniques
  • Teach agency-specific requirements, SOPs, and a variety of pre-trip, post-trip, and behind-the-wheel driving/judgment skills
  • Field-proven to reduce accidents and increase transportation safety
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Resolve temporary obstructions to eliminate “blind spots”
  • Situation awareness simulator prepares operators for realistic passenger interactions
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Service, Support, and Customer Resources

We understand the importance of training and operational readiness. FAAC has a “Customer-for-Life” philosophy with unsurpassed service and support:

  • Turnkey Delivery
  • Dependable, Reliable, and Tested Solutions
  • Online User Community
  • User Conferences
  • Train-the-Trainer Program
  • In-House Subject Matter Experts

We understand that every paratransit company is unique, as are the communities they serve. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then include your team in developing and delivering a driver training solution that meets your requirements. We have an established track record for helping transit agencies and paratransit providers find the ideal solution for their driver training and fleet operations. Contact us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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The Paratransit Simulator is the highest-fidelity simulator available for training transit operators. This fully customizable system provides a true-to-life experience that prepares operators for real-life driving environments.

Paratransit Simulator