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Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Driving Simulators

Because it’s virtually impossible to train at an operating airport, effective and realistic simulator training is critical. In the absence of comprehensive airport driving and rescue training simulators, it is simply impossible to be properly prepared.

FAAC has an established track record for delivering realistic and accurate firefighting simulations that cover a host of potential situations, risks, and vital airport-related skills. These include both emergency operations (firefighting, aircraft rescue, incident response) as well as daily operations (safely operating vehicles for airside services, aircraft maintenance, fueling, etc.). In some cases, all of these simulations—from aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles and ambulances to snow plows and tow tractors) can be simulated using the same hardware cab.

Airport Driving Simulator Simlow

ARFF Driving Simulator Driver Cab

A host of distinctive features work together to create a comprehensive virtual reality. Our full-size ARFF Driving Simulator cab is designed to provide a wide variety of driver training, including basic driving skills, route familiarization, “rules-of-the-road” training, radio communication, and emergency response. It relies on real components and gauges to ensure that what the student experiences in our cab is the same thing they’ll experience on the road, including ARFF turret controls.

But this simulator cab isn’t just for ARFF training. It can run a wide range of accurate vehicle models, including ARFF vehicles, pumper trucks, snow plows, ambulances, and airport ground support.

These simulation-based driver training solutions have proven to reduce accidents and increase intersection analysis skills. Our broad selection of vehicles ensures that facilities can train a wide range of personnel in the most realistic scenarios possible.

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Airport Driving Simulator Dash

Vehicles include:

  • ARFF apparatus
  • EMS vehicles
  • Snow plows
  • Baggage handling vehicles
  • Airside service vehicles
  • Passenger transport vehicles
  • Maintenance vehicles/aircraft tugs
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Airport Driving Simulator Scenario

Simulator Training Benefit

  • Train vehicle operators on generic maps or custom layouts emulating specific airports or facilities
  • Reduce runway incursions
  • Reduce time-on-runway
  • Safe training for reduced visibility, extreme weather, and night conditions
  • Conducting “clearing turns”
  • Multi-tasking training (vehicle operations while coping with complications, faults, jet noise, tower communication)
  • Efficient training for airport tenant and contract staff
  • Training on snow clearing, de-icing, and emergency response situations
  • Train on aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) use without using foam (reducing costs, personnel hazards, and environmental impact)
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Airport Driver Training Scenario

ARFF Simulation-Based EVOC Driver Training

  • Networked incident scenarios
  • Turret controls
  • Safe operation of crash vehicles
  • Tactical deployment
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Ambulance Driver & EMS Simulation Training Firemen

EMS and Rescue Situation Training

The Response simulator immerses the student into a life-like rescue situational environment, working their way through emotionally challenging, branching scenarios to expand their experiential knowledge base. They develop traditional core competencies (procedural, EMS, and medical “soft-skills”), as well as hone their situational awareness and vital decision-making skills.

Response is instructor controlled with advanced debriefing and scenario developmental tools. Any scenario can be made more intense and challenging (or eased off) at any time, even while running. Afterward, effective debriefing makes it possible to mine each session for every teachable moment and opportunity for improvement.

  • Powerful Scenario-Scripting Tool
  • Built-in library of HD-quality branching training scenarios
  • Advance Trainee Action Capture
  • Low Light / Flashlight Training
  • Optional Scenario Development Software Application
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The Safest Training for Airport Ground Drivers. Period.

In order to meet the real-world necessity for comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, multiple participant emergency response training, FAAC has created the “Continuum of Training”—a solution that networks multiple simulators and other software and hardware tools, allowing for incremental “simple-to-complex” content-focused student learning.

Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) is an essential tools during aviation accidents. But there are well publicized downsides to foam (including environmental and health risks, as well as its high cost). Because AFFF is so hazardous, in many areas, it’s either tightly restricted, not permitted, or too expensive and scarce to casually deploy. Nonetheless, and despite these safety concerns, it’s clear that ARFF training isn’t complete without foam training. With FAAC ARFF simulators you can train firefighters to use foam without exposing them or your community to foam’s dangerous chemical components.

All of FAAC’s emergency scenario simulators can integrate and communicate with each other, creating consistency throughout the scenario. This includes pump operations simulators, hose handling and fire suppression, vehicle driving of all vehicle types (e.g., fire apparatus, ambulance, ARFF vehicles, etc.), interactive EMS emergency response, and on-scene command and control. Together, they form a complete “Continuum” of fire training simulation solutions, where the virtual environment trains firefighters in all aspects of scene management skills without the added dangers that a real scene could subject them to.

ARFF Simulation and Firefighting Training Customer-for-Life

We invest time in understanding your fire house upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the best training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures. Most importantly, we support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your challenges inevitably change over time.

We don’t just sell ARFF training simulators; we partner with fire departments and airports, then work with their instructors to develop their ideal immersive emergency training solution. 

Are you ready to advance your training programs? Contact us now to determine what’s best for your crew.

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Our ARFF driver trainer simulators are proved to reduce accidents and increase intersection analysis skills. A host of distinctive features work together to create a comprehensive virtual reality.

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