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Immersive Simulation for Training

Response is hands-on and immerses the student into the simulation. Through instructor control the student can move seamlessly through the scenario, building up confidence, and increasing their knowledge base.

Response provides learning in a familiar and safe environment, enabling the student to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-life experience. Engage students and develop their competencies through practice.


MILO Response Scenario

High-Fidelity Simulation Training

  • Life-size video scenario branching software
  • Develop & improve field skills while under pressure
  • Real-time student review
  • Improve student confidence to accurately make decisions alone or as part of a team
  • Compound training events with human patient simulators surrounded by real-life environmental conditions that evolve.
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MILO Response Ambulance

Train for the Effective Response

Decisions on scene have consequences, to affect positive outcome you must be prepared for the real-life situation.

  • Practice in Simulated Environment
  • Engage in Immersive Training
  • Develop Competencies
  • Responsive Interaction
  • Effective Debriefing
  • Elevated Knowledge Retention
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System Features

  •  Response Interactive Training Software
  • HD Quality Branching Training Scenario Library
  • Advance Trainee Action Capture
  • Low Light / Flashlight Training
  • HD Long-Throw Projector (Short-Throw Option Available)
  • Installation / Training / 12 Month Warranty
  • Optional Scenario Development Software Application
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MILO Response Training

Advanced Scenario Training

  • Adult learning / objective-based scenarios
  • High student synthesis of learning objectives (immersive scenarios)
  • Consistent, repeatable training objectives
  • Improve cognitive and technical skills under real-time pressures
  • Practice defined training objective with feedback
  • Exposure to low-frequency events
  • Reproducibility / objectivity
  • Real-time learner assessment
  • Low-risk training environment
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MILO Response Example

Response MTS

The Response MTS is a versatile, laptop-based, interactive decisionmaking/situation awareness tool for EMS and medical ‘soft-skills training. Response MTS mobility makes it quick and easy to be dismantled and re-deployed. Take the instruction to the students.

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Response CTS

The Response CTS is a powerful classroom-based interactive decision-making/situation awareness tool for EMS and medical ‘soft-skills’ training. Response CTS provides professional fixed installation for your training room or classroom.

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The Response Simulator is the bridge between classroom learning and real-life experience. Engage students and develop their competencies through practice in an interactive, immersive, simulated environment.

Medical Response Simulator