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Customer Onboarding

Readying the Customer to use Simulation

To help customers onboard a training tool within an existing training program, FAAC provides a Certified TSI Instructor for a two-day training review on-site with the customer’s trainers.

Over two days, a FAAC trainer will meet with agency instructors, review the existing curriculum, and discuss the state of training.


    • Existing Program Review: Understand agency New-Hire, Remedial, & Refresher training
    • Curriculum Assistance:  Identify areas to incorporate simulation training


    • Integrating Technology: Identify training scenarios that align with curriculum
    • Train-the-Trainer: Implementation and functional use of the simulator as a training tool
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On-Route Charging & Positioning Scenarios

FAAC’s scenario database is ready to support battery electric bus training objectives for common charging variants.

  • New technology introduction and familiarization
  • Target setting and charge scheduling with a focus on Opportunity Charging
  • Vehicle fine positioning and parking
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Assessment and Learning System | VITALS powered by FAAC

The VITALS Dashboard is a graphical display with colored zones that can be seen in real-time from the Instructor Station during a live scenario or once a scenario is completed. More than simply a “score sheet,” VITALS acts as an interactive playbook for the instructor. It helps them develop custom curricula for each trainee based on recognized best practices, agency policy, and that trainee’s specific strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Standardized and objective assessments
  • Train agency policy through engagement zones
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VITALS Interface showing Student Energy Regen Graph

Operator Performance Dashboard

The operator performance dashboard begins to identify energy regen and energy use, which are essential when operating battery electric buses (BEB). Instructors will be able to educate new hires that they are fueling the BEBs and then pair that with insights from the Dashboard that identify how their driving tendencies affect the state of charge (SOC).

  • Preparing to Maximize the Technology
    • Operator is fueling the Battery Electric Bus (BEB)
    • Identify driving behaviors and tendencies
  • BEB Adaptive Driving
    • Allowing regen to work as intended
    • Timing – learning the feel of stopping distance
    • Leveraging regen begins to have 2nd & 3rd effects
    • Offset range anxiety
    • Maintain high(er) State of Charge
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VITALS Interface showing Student Drive History

Student Learning Progression and Drive History

The Student Drive History allows an instructor to review how and why a certain rating was attained; VITALS retains all the historical information related to a drive along with green, yellow, and red infractions. The Student Progression displays the variability in the student’s scores as they train in the simulator. VITALS remain configurable for each organization.

  • Confirming that learning has occurred (monitor students learning progression over time)
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Demo: Workforce Development for Low No Grants

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