WACO Transit unveils simulator for bus-driver training

WACO Transit unveils simulator for bus-driver training

When Waco Transit driver JT Colter buckled himself into the Waco Transit bus simulator for the first time last week, he slowly pulled onto a fictitious downtown street.

“It is not 100 percent what you are doing out on the road, but it is definitely as real as you are going to get,” Colter said. “It is definitely a good educational tool, because it makes you a lot more aware of what’s going on.”

In a partnership with Texas Department of Transportation, Waco Transit was able to acquire the FAAC Inc. bus driving simulator in September. Operators and trainers recently started integrating the tool into transit employees’ training routines. The equipment gives drivers a 315-degree field of view in as they sit buckled into a mock-up of a city bus cab.

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Article By Kristin Hoppa, Waco Tribune