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Police Driving & Pursuit Training Simulators

Police Driver Training Simulators

FAAC’s Police driving simulators are the common sense answer for instructing new and veteran police officers. Your system can include a range of functions to support these skills and others in the most realistic environment possible. Through the range of simulation options offered by FAAC, police officers can benefit from honing their skills in a vehicle pursuit scenario, appropriate use of force, and other emergency decision-making situations in a way that reduces risk for both law enforcement and others. Officers can have integrated training for scenarios involving a chase, active shooting, or any other encounter in which the officer needs to feel confident in their technique, regardless of any obstacle. As a result, the overall effectiveness of the police force or agency is taken to the next level.

Driver Cab

FAAC driver simulators can be customized to fit any training exercise that the police force might require. We offer complete solutions, rather than just a simple one-size-fits all sim “app” or device. It requires a higher level of fidelity for a police car driving simulator to translate from the training facility to the road. Through the use of sophisticated video technology and realistic police car cab construction, the feel of the drive in the simulator will have a real impact on driver performance on the job. In this way, simulation training can become a core part of the police department training program and can enable the instructor to navigate real-world scenarios involving criminal apprehension, collision, and other elements in a way that would be impossible in a traditional training course.

Effective interaction between the instructor and student, as well as true-to-life controls and components, make our cabs the most realistic in the business. Your system can include a range of functions to support these skills and others in the most realistic environment possible. Depending on the needs of the police department or training institution, FAAC can construct a simulation device that feels like the interior of a real car – complete with seat, controls for components like a brake system, and high definition video options. The technology driving FAAC simulations for police pursuit training translates well to an actual police car. The exercise doesn’t need to be limited to simple situations – our simulators can train officers to drive in different traffic scenarios and with a variety of simulated behaviors for the vehicle being pursued.