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TT 2000
Closed Cab Truck Operator Training Simulator

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Truck Cab

Enclosed Driver Cab

  • Replica cab configurations with OEM compartment controls
  • Real flat glass full size truck mirrors
  • Force feedback steering and replica steering wheel
  • Heavy duty seat and 3-point restraint
  • High fidelity truck dynamics package
  • Optional 3-DOF motion system
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Cab Configurations

  • Fully instrumented OEM cab
  • D-N-R
  • Air Brake release
  • Configurable digital dash
  • Radio/Intercom (optional)
  • Air Circulation
  • Headlight Controls

FAAC’s proprietary SmartNode™ software creates realistic seat bounce and vibration from elements such as acceleration and braking, turning, and curb strikes.

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Visual Display

FAAC sets the standard for the visual driving environment with the most sophisticated virtual reality training products in the industry.

  • A combination of front, side, and rear screens can provide up to 300° horizontal
    field-of-view of crisp, clear virtual training worlds – our vertical field of view is the
    broadest in the industry
  • Our visuals are rendered on each monitor with 4K (3840 x 2160) image quality.
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Our system generates appropriate vehicle motor and other operational sounds of a commercial truck.

  • Doppler effect sound configuration conveys the presence and location of passing
    vehicles, stationary obstructions, sirens, etc.
  • Radio (intercom) system can be integrated into the driving station to support appropriate
    dispatcher/radio communications activity, as well as training for the student driver
    through interaction with the instructor.
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Instructor Operator Station

Instructor Operator Station

This vital component provides a direct, real-time link between the instructor and their student(s) during training sessions.

  • Enables the instructor to manage one of several student driving sessions
  • Controls traffic, weather, equipment malfunctions, daylight, lesson
    storage and objective scoring on up to 15 different driving variables
  • Provides a location for instructor-student interaction tools and an
    auxiliary driving simulator
  • Exclusive jump back, replay, and re-drive student scenarios
  • Instructor driving station for networked vehicle and spontaneous hazards
  • Wireless Instructor Tablet for remote control of the simulators
  • Instructor lesson plan tool
  • Joystick control of pedestrians, animals, bicycles, and other objects
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Real-Time Computer System

FAAC’s proprietary software system enables the student to respond to the environment and maneuvers, such as speed, road friction, wind, visibility, and driver inputs.

  • Controls out-the-window visual scenes and vehicle sounds as they relate
    to driving and student performance
  • Provides signals to the student vehicle dashboard instruments
  • Senses and responds to student inputs, such as hard braking and
  • Provides realistic interaction between other driving stations networked to
    participate in the same training scenario
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VITALS After-Action Assessment

Meet Training Objectives with VITALS

  • Self-led student instruction
  • Implement standardized and objective assessment processes
  • Analyze performance and debrief while minimizing individual instructor filters and/or bias
  • Add comments to performance summaries identifying areas for improvement
  • Monitor student progress over time and predict future performance
  • Targeted after action review features increasing learning retention
  • Train agency policy through customized scenarios
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Learn more about our TT 2000 Truck Simulator

The FAAC TT 2000 Truck Simulator is designed to give both new and veteran operators a meaningful training experience. Coupled with our computer-based training system that lets trainees learn basic skills at their own pace, the TT 2000 delivers training episodes that mimic real-life hazards and risk concerns.

TT 2000 Truck Simulator