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Emergency Response Continuum of Training: Multiple Simulators, Many Participants, One Scenario

Delivering the highest-quality emergency healthcare requires mastery and integration of several different skill sets. Trainees must isolate and execute safe driving skills while expertly operating emergency apparatus, and their decisions and judgements must become conditioned reactions. On the scene, first responders must manage the scene by developing a response strategy and efficiently and effectively communicating their plan of action. Rescue is always the ultimate objective at critical scenes.

The FAAC Continuum of Training meets all these training goals using a multi-disciplinary library of simulators and scenarios capable of hosting complex multiple-participant exercises.

The inCommand Incident Management Simulation offers full-immersion, full-engagement training in a library of scenarios that range from simple to complex. Individual FAAC simulators can be networked into a single scenario that plays out as it would in the field, giving EMS trainees the opportunity to practice integrating essential skill sets so they can confidently manage a scene or transfer control of the scene.

EMS Simulation and Training “Customer For Life”

We invest the time to understand your training needs up front, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the best training solution. We’ll help you integrate the platform into your training procedures, and—most important—we support you in maintaining and modifying your custom training simulators as challenges arise and circumstances inevitably evolve.

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