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Fire Driving Simulator

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Meet Training Objectives

• Safe, effective, efficient, objective and consistent training
• Basic, advanced and remedial driver/operator training
• Vehicle operations knowledge
• Safe movement
• Student knowledge of rules and regulations
• Diagnosis and corrective action
• Proper radio/intercom communication

Virtual Driving Environment

• Safety City – a single vivid and rich training environment utilizing latest graphics technology
• Wide variety of geographic, roads, city, rural, and traffic environments
• Real weather effects

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Powerful Scripting Tool

• Quick-design scenario development
• Complete resource pack
• Recreate accidents for powerful lessons
• Create lesson plan groups

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Dynamic Instructor Control System

• Intuitive Instructor Operating Station (IOS)
• Remote keypad control
• Optional Joystick control of pedestrians, animals, bicycles and other objects
• Networked driving station for team training
• Exclusive jump back, replay, and re-drive student scenarios
• Instructor lesson plan tool

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Interactive Learning

The concept of Interactive Learning involves immersing students in virtual worlds by means of role-playing and community interactive situations. The cooperative, critical-thinking, and problem-solving practices encouraged in simulations make simulators a key form of learning. Training in a realistic virtual environment improves operational preparedness without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

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