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Driving Force: Pursuit & Use of Force Training Simulator

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Simulator Features

FAAC’s LE-1000 is an advanced training system developed for Emergency Vehicle Operator training to teach and assess judgment and decision-making skills. A comprehensive training curriculum ensures both instructor and student have the most advanced tools in the industry at their fingertips.


The MILO Range PRO training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Use-of-Force and Firearms training. Included with the system are hundreds of ready-to-train scenarios, the MILO Course Designer scenario-authoring software, and an extensive library of interactive CGI firearms drills and exercises. The MILO Range PRO system comes out of the box ready to help any size law enforcement agency meet their training objectives. A full warranty and an on-site train-the-trainer course are included. The MILO Range Pro system comes with the most advanced set of training features.

The MILO Range Pro with Kinect™ for Windows® feature enabled can detect and respond to a variety of trainee verbal and non-verbal action.

Combined driving and force options training

  • Fully integrated simulation training
  • Best in start-to-end training cycles
  • Opportunity to choose incorrectly
  • More practice
  • Tailored instructional sessions
  • Objective and repeatable training sessions
  • Start-to-finish call cycle training

Render complex decisions and engage in intricate responses under conditions of time pressure, high stakes and stress – induced physical discomfort.

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Driving Force / FAAC and MILO RANGE- One Company, one combined training solution

  • Fully integrated training scenarios
  • Device-to-device networking
  • Scene matching
  • Event auto-start
  • Simulator started by triggering event in complimentary simulator
  • Agency level authoring
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Learn more about Driving Force

In the Driving Force simulation, officers will receive and respond to calls in the patrol car, conduct an investigation and field interview, make a simulated arrest and implement a level of force necessary to gain compliance from a subject. The most valuable component of this combined training is that it takes the officer from the beginning to the end of a call.

Driving Force