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Truck Driver Training Simulators

Truck Driver Simulators

FAAC’s truck driver training simulators are unlike any other training, testing, or skills development tool available today. FAAC’s high-fidelity approach to large-vehicle and commercial driving simulators provides operators with a life-like training environment that can mimic any hazard or emergency situation a trucker might face, as well as the wide range of daily challenges. Most importantly, these simulators feel and act exactly like the real thing because they were designed in collaboration with trucking professionals that train new drivers for safe operations of these types of vehicles.

Research has shown that simulators can be as good as—if not better than—traditional behind-the-wheel closed course training—especially for new drivers. In a 2011 article published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention, researchers found that “drivers trained with the majority of their driving occurring in a simulator possess skills equivalent to those trained in an actual vehicle.” This specific study used a FAAC TT-2000, demonstrating our long track-record for delivering simulation-based training that works.

All of FAAC’s truck driving simulators offer scenarios suitable for seasoned drivers and newcomers alike. By allowing trainees to work at their own pace, in realistic settings that faithfully mimic their everyday work environments, our simulations help drivers get comfortable behind the wheel and prepare in advance for daily challenges they’ll face on the road: poor road condition, poor visibility, careless drivers, congested city streets, narrow lanes, and more.

Every FAAC simulator features:

• realistic cab configurations and functional compartment controls

VITALS customized training objectives, self-led student instruction, performance evaluation with after action review to increase retention

• responsive, real-time, proprietary computer system that integrates student input and simulation conditions for a realistic training experience

• proprietary SmartNode™ software, for realistic drive effects (e.g., seat bounce, vibration from acceleration and braking, jostling from curb strikes, etc.)

• high-fidelity dynamics models matching a range of truck types

• a combination of front, side, and rear screens that provide a range of fields-of-view with the broadest vertical field in the industry

• crisp, clear virtual training worlds …and more

Every FAAC trucking simulator is built in-house and can be customized. Have a training problem to troubleshoot? FAAC can help you develop custom solutions to meet your unique needs.


Truck Simulator Customer-for-Life

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy. We invest the time up front to understand your needs, then develop and deliver the appropriate turnkey solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your truck driver training processes, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your needs change over time.

We know that there’s more to making an effective CDL driving simulator than just high-definition screens and realistic gauges. There are years of real-world experience going into the design and customization of our truck simulators that you won’t find anywhere else, delivered to meet your training policies.

We don’t just sell truck simulators; we partner with companies, agencies, and trainers to develop and create their ideal training solution. We’ll give you what you need to ensure that both new drivers and experienced operators have the skills to perform their job safely and efficiently.