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FAAC will customize solutions to train the operators of almost any large industrial vehicle. But the technology is only half the solution. Over and over again, our customers find that the real value in an integrated, immersive FAAC simulation training solution is in the opportunities it creates for trainers to pinpoint exactly where their students are succeeding and falling short, and prepare them for both everyday tasks and rare, high-risk events.

FAAC embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy. We invest the time up front to understand your needs, then develop and deliver the appropriate turnkey solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training processes, and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your needs change over time.

We don’t sell equipment; we partner with companies, agencies, and their staff and instructors to develop and create the ideal training solution for their organization.

Most importantly, with a FAAC transit simulator, you can reap all of these benefits with absolutely no risk to equipment, workers, or the community.

A transit simulator may be as simple as a multi-screen, interactive virtual model of generic situations faced by drivers. Or it can be a fully custom hardware/software system, with specific geographical elements matching your area and the actual routes through communities you serve. FAAC can build complete cabs, precisely matching your fleets’ controls, indicators, gauges, and switches, with motion seats and wraparound screens. Every simulation supports real-time rendering and control of lighting conditions (day, night, dusk, dawn, glaringly bright to overcast), equipment failures, signal faults, and a full range of weather conditions, with extremely fine control of weather severity and mix.

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Bus Driving Training Simulator

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Bus Driver Simulation Training

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Bus Driving Training Simulator
Bus Driver Simulation Training

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