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Incident Command and Control Simulator

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The more immersive, the more believable the experience the more learning will occur. Place the trainee at the scene, through a comprehensive library of environments – familiar locations, evolutions – practical events, local content – familiar objects and weather situations – not always a perfect day.


inCommand, powered by the XVR’s On-Scene, is an off-the-shelf interactive 3D incident
command and control simulation for tactical and procedural level training. The trainee experiences the event through practical application by training in an immersive realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs, and time associated with traditional in-field training. Maximize the learning within a controlled and predictable setting through repeatable scenarios, controlled by programmable events, with the agility of dynamic instructor input.

Let the trainee experience it for themselves, through the consequences of their actions, allowing them to retain those “soft-skills” for those high-pressure, low frequency, situations. For all levels of experience, levels of training, simple to complex, inCommand meets the challenge.

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TRAIN: Implement your training program out-of-the-box, configurable with various training modules, inCommand is delivered with a comprehensive library of pre-built evolutions. Total flexibility within the Train application enables the instructor to semi-automate the evolution through pre-programmed Events, while still having full control over the exercise, enabling one to react to the trainee’s decisions.

REVIEW: Through the powerful After Action Review system the instructor can review the trainee’s performance. Rewind the scenario and let the trainee relive the experience to understand the consequences of their actions.

BUILD: As instructor proficiency is gained, the user can expand the library using the included Build application. Modify any pre-built scenario, out of the library, or build your own from scratch. Create your own locations and landmarks.

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The Benefits of FAAC’s inCommand Simulation

  • Interactive Scenario based training
  • Simple to complex Scenario Library
  • Realistic 3D training environments, including accessible building interiors
  • Complete control and flexibility for the instructor before & during scenarios (escalate/de-escalate)
  • Single student to Multi-departmental training with different emergency services
  • Train whenever, wherever without the need for extensive logistics and material
  • Improve operational preparedness of the emergency response organization
  • Tactics and Strategy for actual case review
  • Large screen display or VR headset capabilities
  • Worldwide XVR customer knowledge base
  • Special training courses offered in cooperation with partners
  • Cross-training with FAAC’s family of products – Continuum of Training
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Key Elements of inCommand

Realistic Exercise Locations:

  • High level of realism, Unity ® based High-Res graphics
  • Generic, specific or fully customized environments
  • Accessible building environments

“Train” Scenario Library

  • Scenario Library for instant Training
  • Simple to Complex
  • Repeatable or instructor influenced (escalate/de-escalate)
  • Multiple incidents possible in a single exercise

“Build” Tools

  • Edit existing or create an incident from scratch in any exercise environment
  • Create using drag-and-drop GUI
  • Extensive object database with over 700 interactive objects (including US)
  • Dynamic scenario evolution using timeline, triggers, waypoints

Interactive Roleplaying Functionality:

  • Participants experience the incident as in real life and are able to use all available equipment, tools and people in the simulation.

Scalable training Setups

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Adaptable To Each Incident Command Level

Strategic: For Emergency Operation Centers and Municipal Crisis Team

  • Coordination of Response Strategies
    • Communication
    • Resource Planning and Infrastructural Impact Management

Tactical: For On-Scene Commanders and First Response Coordinators

  • Team Management
    • Communication
    • Processes and Protocols
    • Coordination of Response Strategies
    • Standard Operation Procedures

Operational: For Emergency Response Units and First Responders

  • Specific Protocols
    • Communication
    • Operational Discipline
    • Standard Operation Procedures
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Apply the versatility of inCommand to any training situation, single participant – train to learn or exercises for promotion, multi-participant – interaction/communications, inter-agency – multi-discipline: Fire / Police / EMS / Command Centers


Get training immediately and configure it according to your training objectives, classroom
configuration and budget. Flexible software licensing (subscription or perpetual), turn-key (hardware/software) packages support different training operations ranging from traditional classroom lecturing formats to full team training. Immerse your students in each scenario through large screen display or VR headset capabilities, fully supported by FAAC subject matter experts and partner training programs.


Train-the-Trainer is brought to you through FAAC’s Customer Training Group. Staffed with world-leading instructors, with many years of experience in simulation training within the specific disciplines, ensures you get the best training available on the product.

FAAC’s customer-for-life philosophy gives you peace of mind. inCommand powered by XVR’s On-Scene brings a global experience with worldwide installations. An initial multi-year warranty and ongoing support programs ensure that you always have the highest fidelity to support your training program. Enhanced support through annual User Group Meetings allows the sharing of experiences with other users worldwide.

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Real-life training is an excellent way to develop competences, but is often time-consuming and expensive. inCommand is an incident management simulator that prepares safety and security professionals for incidents by letting them train in a realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

Incident Command and Control Simulator