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inCommand is powered by the XVR Simulation Platform


The Benefits of FAAC’s inCommand Simulation

  • Interactive Scenario based training
  • Simple to complex Scenario Library
  • Realistic 3D training environments, including accessible building interiors
  • Complete control and flexibility for the instructor before & during scenarios (escalate/de-escalate)
  • Single student to Multi-departmental training with different emergency services
  • Train whenever, wherever without the need for extensive logistics and material
  • Improve operational preparedness of the emergency response organization
  • Tactics and Strategy for actual case review
  • Large screen display or VR headset capabilities
  • Worldwide XVR customer knowledge base
  • Special training courses offered in cooperation with partners
  • Cross-training with FAAC’s family of products – Continuum of Training
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Key Elements of inCommand

Realistic Exercise Locations:

  • High level of realism, Unity ® based High-Res graphics
    • Generic, specific or fully customized environments
    • Accessible building environments

“Train” Scenario Library

  • Scenario Library for instant Training
  • Simple to Complex
  • Repeatable or instructor influenced (escalate/de-escalate)
  • Multiple incidents possible in a single exercise

“Build” Tools

  • Edit existing or create an incident from scratch in any exercise environment
  • Create using drag-and-drop GUI
  • Extensive object database with over 700 interactive objects (including US)
  • Dynamic scenario evolution using timeline, triggers, waypoints

Interactive Roleplaying Functionality:

  • Participants experience the incident as in real life and are able to use all available equipment, tools and people in the simulation.

Scalable training Setups

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Adaptable To Each Incident Command Level

Strategic: For Emergency Operation Centers and Municipal Crisis Team

  • Coordination of Response Strategies
    • Communication
    • Resource Planning and Infrastructural Impact Management

Tactical: For On-Scene Commanders and First Response Coordinators

  • Team Management
    • Communication
    • Processes and Protocols
    • Coordination of Response Strategies
    • Standard Operation Procedures

Operational: For Emergency Response Units and First Responders

  • Specific Protocols
    • Communication
    • Operational Discipline
    • Standard Operation Procedures
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Real-life training is an excellent way to develop competences, but is often time-consuming and expensive. inCommand is an incident management simulator that prepares safety and security professionals for incidents by letting them train in a realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

Incident Command and Control Simulator