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FAAC and XVR to bring VR training to the next level in the US

FAAC and XVR to bring VR training to the next level in the US


FAAC upgrades its incident management simulator, inCommand, with the state-of-the-art XVR Simulation Platform

Leading simulation manufacturer FAAC Incorporated (Ann Arbor, MI) has teamed up with the world leader in emergency response simulation training, XVR Simulation (the Netherlands). Together, they introduce the most immersive and realistic incident management simulation training platform available to US Fire Departments to date, called inCommand.

Real-life training is an excellent way to develop competencies but is often time-consuming and expensive. Virtual simulation using fully immersive 3D worlds enables FAAC to train safety and security professionals realistically for events and incidents, without the dangers, costs, and time associated with traditional training.

inCommand uses the XVR Simulation Platform to create realistic, fully immersive 3D training environments for all hazards training. The inCommand simulation allows emergency crews to experience the incident as they would in real life. They assess the situation and determine the best response strategy, implement it, and then observe the consequences of their decisions.

Participants can freely move around in the virtual environments on foot and in vehicles or using drones. Realistic incidents like fires and hazmat emissions are placed in the virtual environment which can evolve over time and be realistically controlled using the right response measures. Participants see the immediate effect of their response decisions. The virtual crews they deploy arrive on scene and perform their tasks in the virtual environment. Users can try different response strategies across a wide array of incidents.

The inCommand suite is delivered with a comprehensive library of pre-built scenarios, allowing the user to start training immediately. As the user gains proficiency as an instructor, they can expand their scenario library using the scenario build mode. The XVR Simulation software gives the instructor full control over events during the exercise, thus enabling them to change the incidents on the spot. Builders have complete freedom to create and change scenarios to fit their exact needs.

David Bouwkamp, Executive Director Business Development at FAAC Incorporated, is impressed with the joint cooperation: “XVR gives us the realism and the flexibility required by our end users. We can create incident management scenarios at FAAC and our users can also create their own scenarios using XVR’s user-friendly interface.” CEO of XVR Simulation, Joost Beerthuis: “We look forward to working with FAAC and bringing VR Training to the next level in the US. Together we will help prepare safety and security professionals for all types of incidents.”

The XVR Simulation Platform which powers inCommand is the world’s leading simulation platform for incident management training. XVR is used by over 300 users in more than 50 countries worldwide. In the United States, XVR is used by TEEX ESTI and in Los Angeles for multi-agency transport incident management training.



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