Complete Airport Safety Training Simulation Systems and Solutions

We invest time in understanding your training needs, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training simulation solution.  We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your incursion training, firefighters and command training procedures. Most importantly, we support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your challenges inevitably change over time.

We don’t just sell airport training simulators; we partner with departments and their instructors to develop their ideal immersive training solution. Are you ready to advance your department’s training programs? Contact us now to determine what’s best for your crew.


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Train the operator and officer in one simulator. The 2View Crew Driver Training Simulator provides two separate viewpoints – one for the driver and a different view, geometrically aligned for the second forward officer seat.

Powerful Scenario Scripting Tool
• Quick-design scenario development
• Complete resource pack
• Recreate accidents for powerful lessons
• Create lesson plan groups

Components of Driving Station
• Authentic or generic dash and components
• Authentic Placement and operation of actual controls
• True-feel Steering force feedback
• Advanced graphics technology
• Actual motion displacement 3-DOF

Single and custom cab configurations available for Fire & EMS

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InCommand simulation allows one to teach, train, assess, and evaluate various emergencies. Train teams together in a controllable environment with a flexible, highly realistic simulation solution to train incident commanders and disaster management teams.

First Responders benefit from experiencing incidents in a safe, controllable, repeatable, and measurable environment. InCommand is a powerful tool that helps trainees understand concepts by experience, lets them acquire practical knowledge in a relatively short time frame, practice decision-making skills, and experience situations that rarely occur in real life. Scenario training in inCommand provides trainees with the opportunity to practice complex incidents, apply protocols, and interact in scalable scenarios.

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Pump Ops allows reinforcement of hands-on pump operation training for new and existing pump operators in a disciplined, cost-efficient, and safe environment, preventing injuries to the trainees and damage to the equipment. Reduce your environmental impact by not using gallons of water or harmful foam. With Pump Ops, you can train in any weather and keep units in service, and reduce support personnel.

System Features:
• Modular unit built into a free-standing cabinet
• Accurate algorithms representing configurations of pumps, nozzles, hoses, elevations, etc.
• Multiple pumps, nozzle, hose configurations
• The “inner” workings of the panel are simulated through software – no pumps, valves, or water
• Active student assessment forms
• A mixture of authentic components and LCD displays
• Optional Transportation Kit

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