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New FAAC Police Simulator Eliminates Divide Between Cost, Features

High fidelity and low cost have collided in the new LE-1000 law enforcement driver training simulator, recently launched as the newest product in FAAC Incorporated’s public safety simulator lineup.

The LE-1000 is a sleek, inexpensive simulator laden with the latest technology and features/functions requested by experts in the field. It is the most competitively priced simulator in the industry.

“Due to recent technological advances and FAAC’s desire to bring the highest fidelity at the lowest price, we are pleased to be able to produce this incredibly powerful training tool for the law enforcement field,” said David Bouwkamp, Executive Director of Business Development. “When you compare the cost of this simulator with its capabilities, it is very clear there is nothing like it in the industry. It is an advanced training system at an entry level price.”

The LE-1000 is feature-rich, with advancements to its physical architecture, instructor convenience, build time, a bonafide pedigree in the law enforcement community, ergonomic improvements, and even more training scenarios.

“This is a mature product from a company that is a mainstay in the marketplace and knows how to innovate,” Bouwkamp said. “We havegathered advice from industry experts, focused on maximizing training dollars, and developed a simulator with a return on investment of less than one year.”
The LE-1000 includes:

  • – Three large LED screens that retain a 225-degree horizontal field-of-view
  • – All-in-one instructor console manageable with Apple I products, such as Ipad, Ipod, and Iphone
  • – Streamlined physical footprint
  • – Charger and Crown Victoria dashboard cab models
  • – Open-style cockpit that makes it easier for Driving Force© customers to transition from driving to force options simulation training
  • – Scientifically tested vehicle dynamics
  • – Mobile Data Terminal that receives live and pre-programmed dispatch information
  • – Most comprehensive curriculum available, including networked response and supervisory scenarios
  • – 60-day delivery lead time

In addition to physical and software improvements, FAAC is adding its newest public safety scenarios to its already rich training curriculum. FAAC’s curriculum features more than 100 training scenarios, from simple skill-building exercises to complex multi-tasking and decision-making exercises.

“We’re able to celebrate this breakthrough because of the in-house resources that FAAC possesses; it gives us an advantage in product development and quality control,” Bouwkamp said.  “We were able to test technology and try different approaches in real time to get the best sense of what would work.”

The willingness to listen to the market and its customers is part of FAAC’s Customer for Life program, which consists of:

  • – Specialists Program – small group of highly skilled simulator training pioneers whose mission is to educate others on the power of simulator training and determine future issues in the market.
  • – Customer Experience – create events for customers and others to share knowledge of simulator training, including an annual user conference.
  • – Support Program – Proactive department whose primary mission is to maximize your uptime.

With all of these attributes, FAAC delivers the best driver training simulator available and the best value for successful training programs
FAAC is planning a nationwide tour of the LE-1000 throughout the year to coincide with conferences and tradeshows.
For more information on the tour, the LE-1000, and FAAC’s other public safety simulators, visit faac.com
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