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Police Scenario Training Instructor Development

Published on November 11, 2019

Police Scenario Training Instructor Development
  Chuck Deakins has spent years helping law enforcement agencies integrate modern simulation-based police scenario training systems with their existing programs. At some point in every “train the trainer” session, he finds himself saying the same thing: “Stop talking, start training.” Deakins–a 30-year veteran of law enforcement often asks instructors to remember how they learned … Continued

Law Enforcement Training Solutions & The Millennial Police Force

Published on October 22, 2019

There are nearly 76 million adult Millennials in the U.S. today. This makes them the single largest living generation, both increasingly culturally influential and a dominant player in the workforce. Any field that cannot attract and retain them will face a decreasing capacity to meet their mission, and increasing costs as their team’s age. All … Continued

Law Enforcement Training Solutions: Integrating Driving & Use of Force

Published on October 8, 2019

Law Enforcement Training Solutions: Integrating Driving & Use of Force
  In terms of officer safety and survival, driving and use-of-force are the two most critical skills. The threat of violence on the job is obvious, and given how much time officers spend in their cars, it’s no surprise that for most U.S. law enforcement officers, driving is a more consistent threat than firearms. But … Continued

Protecting Officers from High-Speed Pursuit

Published on October 1, 2019

Protecting Officers from High-Speed Pursuit
Over the last several decades, accidents of all types and especially driving accidents have become increasingly deadly for law enforcement.  Today, in much of the United States, an officer is nearly as likely to be killed or injured by a car than by a perp with a gun. Writing for a 2002 FBI Law Enforcement … Continued

Gregg County workers take crash course in better driving with FAAC simulator

Published on August 9, 2019

Gregg County workers take crash course in better driving with FAAC simulator
A consultant with the Texas Association of Counties instructed about 20 drivers over a two-day period at the Pct. 4 Barn in Kilgore. Pct. 4 Commissioner Shannon Brown invited the TAC after learning about the service, which has shown to practically eliminate driving incidents within the first six months of training, driving simulator consultant Don … Continued

Combining Multiple Approaches to Police Pursuit Training

Published on July 19, 2019

Let’s begin with identifying what a “traffic-related” situation really is and what liabilities we may actually be able to reduce through training. In some of the categorizing for LODD’s, a variety of situations are often grouped together such as “being run-over” or “assaulted” by an automobile. However, in real police work, we know that so … Continued

Complacency in Police Pursuit Training: Causes & Solutions

Published on June 20, 2019

What a tragic year 2016 was in law enforcement line of duty deaths involving ambush, violent assaults and firearms. Depending on the source that you use, LODDs due to firearms are up a staggering 61% to 83% over 2015, while overall LODDs are up 12% to 18% over 2015. It is a reminder that we … Continued


Published on May 20, 2019

It may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the key advantages of a simulation-based high-speed pursuit training program is more crashes. THE VALUE OF SIMULATED CRASHES IN HIGH SPEED PURSUIT TRAINING A car crash is a highly instructive experience. We already know that “‘learning by doing’ only works so long as the feedback from our actions … Continued

Simulator prepares police for making decisions under pressure

Published on May 7, 2019

Three weeks ago, when the New Britain Police Department and Mayor Erin Stewart told the public about their new police training simulator, they couldn’t have had any idea how relevant this technology would become. In a span of five days in mid-April, three Connecticut police departments would find themselves entrenched in controversial police shootings. The … Continued


Published on April 24, 2019

The 2009 volume of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training’s (POST’s) Driver Training Study lists six police pursuit training “best practices.” But one vital skill is missing. Can you spot it? 1) Use “hybrid training.” This should combine both behind-the-wheel closed-course driving and advanced police pursuit training simulators. 2) Adopt advanced technology. … Continued
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