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Now Available on NPPGov – FAAC Public Safety Simulation Training Equipment

Published on August 13, 2018

Now Available on NPPGov – FAAC Public Safety Simulation Training Equipment
NPPGov is a national cooperative procurement organization based in Seattle, WA offering publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. Our contracts are created through a public solicitation by a Lead Public Agency. Access to our cooperative contracts is free and there are no purchasing obligations. Benefits of cooperative contracts: • Competitively bid, no additional RFP … Continued

Officers use high-tech chase simulators to train

Published on April 6, 2018

You can watch the video on KHOU’s website. The Texas Association on Counties uses a FAAC driving simulator that replicates situations officers may encounter in the real world like texting and driving, loss of brakes and high chase pursuits. Full article on KHOU.com here.

Nacogdoches County using simulators for realistic training

Published on February 7, 2018

Nacogdoches County law enforcement agencies are using simulators for realistic training. NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) –Virtual reality simulators fine tune the skills of law enforcement around the state. Two simulators, one for driving and another for resistance training, are in use by Nacogdoches city and county peace officers this week. The simulation isn’t a new idea, … Continued

Reporter takes turn in driver’s seat for high-speed chase

Published on December 15, 2017

Reporter takes turn in driver’s seat for high-speed chase
Stationed at the West Central Texas Council of Governments facility on Loop 322, the simulator was part of a program giving police officers a chance to train safely their minds and bodies. It’s not just high-speed chases, though as a member of the public, that certainly was my interest. Instead, the simulator allowed officers attending the … Continued

Real-World Simulation Training Successes: Sacramento PD and FDNY Ambulances

Published on November 16, 2017

There are two key focus areas for improving police pursuit driver training programs: speed: reduce it whenever possible, maintain vehicle control when high-speed operation is a necessity negotiating right-of-way: avoiding other motor vehicles/pedestrians/cyclists, clearing intersections, completing turns, etc. Addressing Key Danger Points with Police Pursuit Driver Training As noted by California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards … Continued

Maximizing technology through superior application

Published on October 10, 2017

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — FAAC’s Continuum of Training is not only a tool, but an approach that takes place by threading multiple learning events together through one seamless scenario. The Continuum of Training uses simulation-based tools provide the highest levels of learning retention, at a fraction of the cost and without the risk. Learning by doing is … Continued

Addressing Driver Distraction and Fatigue in Police Pursuit Training

Published on

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2015 distracted driving injured 391,000 Americans—mostly private citizens. Subsequently, in the vast majority of these cases the solution is easy and obvious: Toss your cell phone in the glove box. But emergency responders—and especially law enforcement officers—do not have that option. On-call police officers must constantly … Continued

Sheriff’s office issues new driving simulation course to deputies

Published on September 26, 2017

Ector County Sheriff’s Office deputies are currently undergoing a new training course making use of a FAAC driving simulator, to better prepare them when they are out on patrol. Read full article here

Police Pursuit Training is a Perishable Skill

Published on September 10, 2017

There is no doubt that the occasional police pursuit training refresher course helps prevent collisions.  The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (CA POST) confirms that having officers complete additional post-basic academy police pursuit driver training programs consistently reduces collisions.  This goes a long way toward explaining the “Age Factor” in high-speed pursuit collisions: … Continued

New training simulator at Macomb Community College prepares future police to handle force

Published on August 14, 2017

New training simulator at Macomb Community College prepares future police to handle force
WARREN, Mich. – A new simulator at Macomb Community College simulates situations police officers could face while on duty to train them for encounters where they may need to decide whether or not to use force. Full article and video here