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Law Enforcement Driving, Pursuit, Communication, and Force Options Simulators

Each FAAC simulation system is built from the ground up to create the most realistic, reproducible, and customizable law enforcement training environment possible. Every sim comes with a full library of standard training modules and can be networked with FAAC’s entire family of emergency response training simulators.

FAAC Police Driving and Pursuit Training simulators are custom hardware/software solutions. They combine force-feedback steering, motion seats, and geometrically correct field-of-view displays with immersive, customized 3D simulation software. While each driving and pursuit training sim comes complete with a full library of scenarios, each module is still entirely instructor-led and controlled. All driving scenarios can be customized to suit your unique needs, challenges, and skill sets. Each scenario can be tweaked in advance, or while running. This combination of instructor control and immersive simulation creates emotionally vivid training exercises that test student and trainee motor, cognitive, and emotional skills while consistently teaching proper procedures and policies.

For an even more comprehensive training solution, FAAC offers DrivingForce. DrivingForce integrates FAAC’s two premier simulation solutions: the MILO Range high-definition immersive “human interaction” and use-of-force training system with the LE-100 Police Driving and Pursuit Training simulators. This is the industry’s only fully integrated police driver training, communications, de-escalation, and force-options training solution.

Drive - FAAC Police Driver Training Simulators

FAAC’s LE-1000 is an advanced training system developed for Emergency Vehicle Operator training to teach and assess judgment and decision-making skills. A comprehensive training curriculum ensures both instructor and student have the most advanced tools in the industry at their fingertips.

• Industry-leading EVO training curriculum package
• Multi-skill scenario library
• Single or multi-student role-play
• Comprehensive Train-the-Trainer syllabus
• Generic or custom vehicle hardware
• Reconfigurable instrumentation graphics
• High fidelity interactive environmental cues

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Respond - Driving Force, Driver and Situational Training

Nothing more closely matches the scenarios officers face during a patrol cycle than the compressed situational dynamics of a DrivingForce training exercise. Officers will do exactly the same things in the training room that they do on duty: receiving and responding to a call in their patrol car, conducting an investigation or a field interview, making a simulated arrest, or even implementing a level of force necessary to gain compliance from a subject.

• Fully integrated Driving and Use of Force Simulator (MILO Range)
• Elevated immersion
• Simulator-to-simulator integration
• Scenario development software application (optional)
• Multi-screen theater environment (optional)


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Command - Incident Command Management Simulation

The inCommand incident management simulator allows first responders to train in a realistic 3D environment for operational preparedness. A comprehensive suite of environments allows training from the line level to command level across multi-disciplines.

• Realistic exercise locations
• Unlimited incident scenarios
• Interactive role-playing functionality
• Scalable training setups
• One-on-one training, classroom training, and multi-user training
• Large scale theater environment

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Train the Continuum

FAAC industry leading Instructor Development Programs go well beyond teaching your instructors on how to use the simulator. Built from years of hands-on practical application training FAAC transfers that knowledge to your team through its Simulator Instructor Training Courses. The program is designed for both the beginner and the seasoned instructor.

Next Level Training:
• Pursuit safety and judgment
• Vehicle operation
• Conditioned cognitive reaction
• Controlled response training
• De-escalation training
• Policy and procedure review

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VITALS: A Comprehensive Training Solution

Effective after-exercise review is the key to making the most of every teachable moment and opportunity for improvement. VITALS (Virtual Instructor & Trainee Assessment & Learning System) -patent-pending, is an interactive assessment tool that records student performance and allows the instructor to track progress while adhering to best practices for teaching to agency policy.

VITALS provides more than a simple score sheet; it acts as an interactive playbook for instructors. The VITALS program helps them develop custom curricula for each student based on best practices, agency policy, and each trainee’s specific strengths and areas for improvement.

VITALS records every action the student takes during the simulated drive: audio and video of the student behind the wheel, braking and acceleration, reaction to traffic signals, and more. During review, the instructor can walk through the color-coded timeline with the student, reviewing the scenario conditions from a variety of points of view (e.g., behind-the-wheel, overhead, roadside, etc.), so the student can objectively assess the interaction of driving/traffic/environmental conditions and their own decisions.

No other training system on the market gives trainees, instructors, and agencies this level of insight into actions and outcomes.

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Simulation Training Programs for Every Aspect of Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Driving is a major part of police officers’ days, but it isn’t everything. FAAC also offers a full range of immersive simulation-based training for non-driving law enforcement roles. These include modules for healthcare security, interaction training for corrections officers, and inCommand (FAAC’s comprehensive command-and-control training platform).

All of these simulators (as well as those for EMS and fire services) can be brought together in FAAC’s Continuum of Training. This multi-disciplinary, multiple-participant approach for first responder training is scalable in terms of class size, scenario complexity, and organizational hierarchy, and built on an incremental “simple-to-complex” approach to student learning. In the Continuum of Training, each scenario can address all the levels of strategic, tactical, and operational thinking that come into play in a critical incident. This maximizes the value of each simulator and every moment of class time.

Complete Criminal Justice Training Solutions

We understand that every criminal justice program is unique. That’s why we embrace a “Customer for Life” philosophy: We invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then include your team in developing and delivering the appropriate turnkey solution. We have an established track record for helping academies, community colleges, and law enforcement agencies find the ideal training solution for their facilities, training styles, and trainees—and we support that solution over the long term.

Every FAAC training solution is custom-designed, but our goal is always the same: to balance your objectives against your budget to craft the most emotionally realistic, educationally effective training program possible.

Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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