Interactive Learning

The concept of Interactive Learning involves immersing students in virtual worlds by means of role-playing and community interactive situations. The cooperative, critical-thinking, and problem-solving practices encouraged in simulations make simulators a key form of learning. Training in a realistic virtual environment improves operational preparedness without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

Fire Simulator Videos

Fire Truck Driving Simulator Training

FAAC Crew Trainer with 2View

PumpOps - Fire Pump Operator Simulator

RS - Incident Command Management Simulator

Milo Response Emergency Training Simulator

MILO Response - Medical Response Simulator

VITALS - Simulator Training Tool

Fire Truck Driving Simulator Training
Milo Response Emergency Training Simulator

Pump Operation Simulator

PumpOps Simulator is intended to supplement pump training on a real fire apparatus. It allows reinforcement of hands-on pump operations training for new and existing pump operators in a controlled, cost efficient and fail-safe manner. PumpOps provides real hands-on training while reducing the environmental impact and allowing you to conduct training even when water usage restrictions and bans are enforced.

System Features:
• Modular unit built into a free-standing cabinet
• Mixture of authentic components and LCD displays
• Multiple pump, nozzle and hose configurations recorded messages
• The “inner” workings of the panel are simulated through software



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Incident Command Simulator

RS is an incident management simulator that prepares safety and security professionals for incidents by letting them train in a realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training.

• Realistic exercise locations
• Unlimited incident scenarios
• Interactive role-playing functionality
• Scalable training setups
• Large scale theater environment

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Fire Driver Training Simulator

2View Crew Training  and FAAC driver training simulators are developed with realistic environments to provide real experience. Develop your scenarios to match your training goals for consistent and objective training.

• Multi-vehicle database
• Network simulations for multi-station interactive training
• Exclusive jump back, replay, and re-drive student scenarios
• Virtual Indicator Trainee Assessment & Learning tool (VITAL)
• Full-spectrum environmental effects (night, day, weather)

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Situational Response Simulator

MILO Response provides advanced learning in a familiar and safe environment, enabling the student to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-life experience. Through instructor control students can move seamlessly through the scenario, building up confidence and increasing their knowledge base.

• MILO Response interactive training software
• HD quality library of branching training scenarios
• Trainee Action Capture (TAC)
• Low light / flashlight training
• Installation, training and 12 Month Warranty

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