Pursuit Response Helps Manage High Risk Vehicle Events While Improving Community Safety

Advisory Group Brings Law Enforcement the Latest in Training and Technology

(Washington, DC) –March 14, 2017 – Pursuit Response is an advisory group dedicated to the safety of law enforcement and citizens surrounding high risk vehicle events. The group brings the latest research, advocacy, education, training and technology resources to law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Pursuit Response is managed in partnership with law enforcement’s leading media site, PoliceOne.com and comprised of industry leaders in law enforcement, industry and vehicle safety. Leadership includes FAAC, StarChase and OnStar.

“PoliceOne’s mission is to leverage digital media technology to bring the latest in law enforcement training to our members. Pursuit Response addresses a critical topic to police everywhere, one with significant impact on both public and first responder safety. We are pleased to play a role in distributing the latest news, training and technology to the largest online audience in law enforcement,” said Jon Hughes, Vice President of Content for PoliceOne.

By bringing together research, advocacy, education, training and technology, Pursuit Response serves as a resource to improve law enforcement and citizen safety.

Trevor Fischbach, President of StarChase, said, “Pursuit Response is closely tied with law enforcement and community leadership with the goal of improving first responder safety via smart technology and training. By working together, we can empower our first responder community with knowledge, tools and tactics to keep their communities safe.”

“Training an officer to de-escalate high risk events is an important, but perishable skill set. Continuing officer education based on sound training and technology practices is an important part of the toolkit needed to keep law enforcement and the public safe. Pursuit Response is designed to bring these resources to law enforcement,” said David Bouwkamp, Executive Director of FAAC.

“OnStar joined Pursuit Response in order to ensure law enforcement has the latest capabilities and training resources available to them when first responder assistance is required in an OnStar equipped vehicle,” said Catherine Bishop, Sr. Manager Global Emergency Services at OnStar.

Pursuit Response is educating law enforcement on best practices for applying technology and training to ensure the safety of everyone involved during high risk vehicle events. Pursuit Response supports efforts to nationally define, collect and track data related to high risk vehicle events, as well as supports increased funding for specialized law enforcement equipment and training.

For information and updates, please visit the Pursuit Response website: http://www.pursuitresponse.org/


About Pursuit Response

Pursuit Response is an advisory group consortium dedicated to improving law enforcement and community safety during high risk vehicle events. This advisory group brings the latest research, advocacy, education, training and technology resources to law enforcement and the communities they serve.