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Explore the Continuum of Training with FAAC at the 2023 FDIC International Conference

Explore the Continuum of Training with FAAC at the 2023 FDIC International Conference

FAAC is looking forward to attending the Fire Department International Conference this year (April 27-29, 2023, Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN) and introducing new developments in high-fidelity simulation-based fire service training, especially for pump operations.

FDIC International is North America’s Leading Firefighter Conference and the world’s largest fire service event. It regularly features 800+ exhibitors and hosts more than 35,000 fire/rescue professionals from around the world, offering world-class instructors, workshops, Hands-on Training (H.O.T.) evolutions, as well as hundreds of conference sessions and live demonstrations.

This year, FAAC will be showcasing the newest iteration of their Continuum of Training. This multidisciplinary, multiple-participant training solution integrates FAAC’s next-generation pump operation training, crew driver training, incident command training, and situational awareness training into complete incremental “simple-to-complex” training solution.

Chuck Deakins (FAAC’s Lead Simulation Specialist) and Phil Duczyminski (a training subject matter specialist with more than two decades of fire service experience) are especially excited to introduce the next-generation PumpOps fire pump operator simulator, making its debut at FDIC International this year.

Demo New Innovations in PumpOps Simulators and More

As Phil Duczyminski explains, “Each year, FAAC has been able to make improvements that I am proud to share with show attendees who stop by. This latest generation includes an enhanced audio simulation system, which more accurately replicates the sound and sensation of water flow from overfilling the tank, open bleeder valves, and so on. It is very exciting to see customers demo our products at the show and see their reactions to how realistic the PumpOps simulator is and how accurately it simulates their actual pumper.”

FAAC has also integrated a new assessment and after-action review system into PumpOps, called the “AASR” (After-Action Scenario Review). This system creates a record of the entire training scenario, capturing all key simulation elements (e.g., simulated gauge readings, hose pressure, flow rates, etc.) alongside complete audio and video of the trainee working through the scenario.

According to Chuck Deakins, “Having this record to work with during training and review advances and increases the learning opportunity and retention for the student. Now, when they go to the pump panel to work through a scenario—practice a procedure, read pumping levels and gauges, solve problems or address failures of the pump itself—they’re able to review the entire session on a recording where they can see themselves, hear dispatch and instructions and the sounds the pump made, see which valves they went to, which valves they turned, where they hesitated, and see how they actually performed, as everyone else saw them perform. That’s always enlightening, for most of us, to see how, as the situation evolved, we reacted and whether or not we stayed on top of the situation and within policy and protocol.”

Check Out FAAC Sims at Booth 13075

Interested in learning more?  Chuck Deakins and Phil Duczyminski will be with FAAC’s team at Booth 13075 all week, eager to share the demonstrated, research-backed benefits of high-fidelity simulation training, and give firefighters and department leadership the opportunity to experience the Continuum of Training and make an informed decision.

We know your time is scarce and there is a lot to take in at FDIC. Come and visit FAAC to experience the latest in virtual reality-based training products. Hands-on simulation training not only meets training objectives, but helps save lives and conserve resources (both directly through more efficient training, and by reducing incidents and litigation). If you can’t make it, don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you’re ready to chat.

Check Out FAAC Sims at Booth 13075!