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Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District Maximizes Training Capability with FAAC Driver Training Simulator

Ann Arbor, Michigan – 2 May 2011 – FAAC Incorporated, part of Arotech Corporation’s (NasdaqGM: ARTX) Training and Simulation Division, is pleased to announce the recent delivery of two of its powerful MB-1500 transit simulation systems to the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD).

FAAC delivered to CUMTD:
Two MB-1500 municipal bus simulators
Instructor-controlled desktop simulator
Scenario Toolbox® scenario building software program
Custom-built geo-specific virtual driving world

The purchase of the FAAC driver training system was the result of a competitive bid process. CUMTD officials selected FAAC because its product provided not only the best value, but the most complete, comprehensive instructional tool on the market. In addition, FAAC representatives created an authentic virtual driving area to replicate sample trouble spots on local Champaign-area roadways.

“One of FAAC’s unique strengths in this market space is our ability to custom craft geo-specific driving terrain for customers,” said David Bouwkamp, Executive Director of Commercial Business Development. “This enables our customers to conduct training activities that will mitigate risk concerns that are specific to their own operation. Simulation is a powerful training medium, and it’s made even moreso when you combine it with specific, known trouble spots within an agency’s area of operation.”

FAAC Incorporated is the industry leader for providing driver training simulation solutions to the transit market. With an impressive number of industry-firsts under its belt, FAAC continues to adapt new technologies and training concepts into its products. The MB-1500 driver training system is a popular model of trainer. It provides a 225-degree field of view, operator controls, dash components, side instruments, and authentic vehicle dynamics. The physical footprint and price point of the system make it attractive for agencies who are limited in space and seek excellent training value, but who want to take advantage of the learning power the simulator system provides.

“The system has been very beneficial to us so far,” said Jim Dhom, Director of Safety and Training. “We have had very positive comments and our instructors are really excited about working with it.”

Dhom said he is preparing new operator and refresher curricula that his staff will begin using this summer.
Arotech’s Training and Simulation Division (ATSD) provides world-class simulation-based training solutions. ATSD develops, manufactures, and markets advanced high-tech multimedia and interactive digital solutions for engineering, use-of-force, and driver training simulations for military, law enforcement, security, municipal, and private industry personnel.

For more information on FAAC Incorporated and public safety products, please contact Clayne Woodbury at cwoodbury@simcreator.com, or visit FAAC’s website at faac.com.

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