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FAAC’s New Crew Trainer with 2View Tactical Team Training Technology
(two visually correct yet separate viewpoints)


2View Crew Trainer Simulator

How to train two positions in one simulator

Until now, two-seat simulators had not been configured properly because they only had one viewpoint. The second student’s seat received a skewed image of the virtual driving environment that soon made the student sick from the distorted view.

FAAC’s Crew Trainer with 2View

This breaking-edge technology provides two separate viewpoints – one for the driver and a separate viewpoint geometrically aligned for the second forward officer seat.2view

Tactical Team Training Technology
- Dynamic team training
- Advanced operator / officer training
- Only system capable of training NFPA 1500: A 6.2.4
- Teamwork, collaboration, and communication
- Initial on-scene command strategies and tactics
- Evaluation and coaching skills for officers






EV-1000 Advanced EMS Tactical Driver Training Simulator



#1 Selling EVOC tactical driving simulator

Click image to view the FDNY Simulator Video
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Driver Cab
We’ve created realistic simulators for a wide range of vehicles, including pumper trucks, tower trucks, tillers, aerial trucks, tractor-drawn ladder trucks, and ambulances. Use of real components and gauges ensures that what the student experiences in our cab is the same thing he or she experiences on the road.

  • picture
    • • Full power train, including engine, transmission, and axle ratio
    • • Suspension system that includes shock absorbers, springs, and tire effects
    • • Accurate vehicle brakes
    • • Faithful replication of steering wheel feel and tendencies
    • • Functional and accurately reproduced cab compartment controls
    • • Vehicle models include:
    • • Pumper trucks
      • Tower trucks
      • Tillers
      • Aerial trucks
      • Tractor-drawn ladder trucks
      • EMS/ambulance
    • • Interchangeable cabs allow users to switch between training programs to maximize the scope and efficiency of the simulator
    • • Proprietary SmartNode™ software recreates seat bounce and vibration from acceleration and braking, turning, and curb strikes

Real-time Computer System
FAAC's proprietary software system enables the student vehicle to respond to the environment and operator maneuvers, such as speed, road friction, wind, and driver inputs.

  • • Controls out-the-window visual scenes and vehicle sounds as they relate to driving and student performance
    • Provides signals to the student vehicle dashboard instruments.
  • • Senses and responds to student inputs, such as hard braking and oversteering.
  • • Provides realistic interaction between other driving stations networked in the same training scenario.

Visual Display
Our visual display sets the standard for creating a lifelike driving environment with the widest field of view in the industry.
  • • A combination of front, side, and rear screens delivers 315° field of view of crisp, clear virtual training worlds.
  • • State-of-the-art flat screen monitors support real side- and rear-view mirrors.
  • • Real side and rear mirrors provide critical training on mirror usage techniques, such as leaning and blind spot identification.

Instructor Operator Station
Our interactive instructor operator station provides a direct, real-time link between instructors and students within the training environment. Instructors can enter the training session as a vehicle or a pedestrian and create unique training elements for students.

• Instructors can manage one or several student driving sessions simultaneously and "fly" from one point in the training world to another to monitor specific events.
• Controls traffic, weather, equipment malfunctions, daylight, lesson storage and assessment.
• Provides a location for instructor-student interaction tools, such as a desktop instructor driving console and pedestrian joystick control.

Our system generates appropriate vehicle motor and other operational sounds of a fire or EMS vehicle

• Generates vehicle motor and other operational sounds of an emergency vehicle, including Doppler effect sound motion.
• Radio (intercom) system can be integrated into the driving station to enable two-way communications activity and training for the student driver through interaction with the instructor.