Could You Stop an Active Shooter?

Tim Jagielo from Tri-County Times, visits Accurate Range in Clarkston, Michigan and shares his MILO Range Live Fire experience.

Clarkston — You’ve been dispatched to an active shooter situation at a school where children are running and screaming and everything is in chaos.

As you approach a hallway, a dozen middle school students round the corner in front of you in a confused frenzy to escape.

The terrified children run past you to safety and then someone at the end of the group stops, squares their shoulders and fires directly at you with a handgun.

This system is the MILO Range Live Fire simulator, created in Ann Arbor, and located at Accurate Range in Clarkston, southeast of the Holly area.

The simulator experience is based on thermal cameras. The range shooter, who pays $50 for the 30-minute session, engages the screen with their own gun and live ammunition. The heat of the fired round is registered by the cameras as it passes through the rubber screen, where the image of the scenario is projected. The plot advances based on your shot placement. It will continue if you hit your target, or end if you are “shot.”

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