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Fast. Flexible. Financing.

We would like you to have a convenient way to acquire our products. This is why we teamed up with a specialized commercial lender, Amur Equipment Finance.



Acquire the complete solution with flexible payments:

  • Financing and leasing up to $2.0 million1
  • Application-only up to $500,000
  • $0 down and low introductory payment options
  • Fast credit decisions & broad terms
  • Potential tax savings2

Our 100% financing program enables you to bundle expenses such as shipping, tax, and more. This means you may avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

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Let us help you take full advantage of IRS Section 179, a special tax deduction that allows you to quickly write off all or part of the cost of new or used equipment in the same year you purchase it.





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About Amur Equipment Finance

At Amur, we are dedicated to championing small businesses like yours. Our commitment is to ensure the fastest, most seamless financing experience so you are equipped to grow your business quickly.

We strive to create an ecosystem in which small businesses have the funding and tools needed to continually improve and thrive, regardless of zip code, background, or financial history. Because we know having essential capital means big things to your small business. Access should be universal.

What Clients Are Saying

“Amur Equipment Finance helped us get the funding quickly so we could move on the equipment, get it in place, and manufacture the job to the time requirements of our customer. The financing that we received in the past year catapulted the business probably sixty percent in growth.

When anybody comes to me and asks me where they should be getting some financing, I think they should be talking to Amur.”

Amur Equipment Finance, Inc. 1 Financing dependent on credit parameters. Neither Amur Equipment Finance nor FAAC INCORPORATED is the agent of the other. Amur Equipment Finance, not being the manufacturer, seller, or distributor of the property being financed, makes no representation or warranty concerning it. 2 Amur Equipment Finance is not an accounting firm. Please make sure to consult your personal tax advisor on any tax information. Credit & equipment restrictions apply. This program estimates a tax rate. Your actual tax rate and savings may vary. Tax benefits may vary by type and class of property purchased, use of property, time when property was acquired, and individual taxing situations. Your individual tax situation may affect your ability to utilize the elections. Please consult your tax adviser or accountant for additional information.