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MILO Range Shoothouse Training Simulator

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Features & Benefits

The MILO Range Shoothouse is based on the industry-leading MILO Range product platform and offers many out-of-the-box advantages over other solutions.

• Multi-room training
• Team training
• Breach and Entry Training
• High Trainee throughput programs
• Supports 2 to 5 rooms, easy to add rooms at any time
• Full HD video in each room – up to 1920×1080
• CGI targeting applications
• Laser and/or Live Fire
• Lethal & Less Lethal weapon options
• Lowlight / Flashlight
• Trainee Action Capture video
• Single instructor for operation and training
• Touchscreen & Wireless Tablet control
• Over 475 video training scenarios available

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Next Level Team Training

A MILO Range Shoothouse system consists of one SCS station and 2 to 5 SRS stations. The Shoothouse control system consists of a desktop setup that supports up to 5 ShootRooms. Each ShootRoom system adds an interactive training room that can be used to extend scripts or add trainee throughput capability.

Shoothouse Control Station (SCS)
• Desk with mount space for up to 6 LCD screens
• Primary control touchscreen LCD
• Computer cabinet and peripheral equipment
• Keyboard & Mouse
• Local desktop speaker system
• Cabling for all SCS components

ShootRoom™ System (SRS)
• Computer & LCD added to SCS desk
• Standard HD Projector
• Laser Projection Screen
• 2.0 sound system
• 8-lane laser hit detection
• Cabling & mounts for all SRS components




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MILO Range Shoothouse Overview

Upgrades and Options

ShootRoom™ PRO Upgrade
The ShootRoom™ training system can be upgraded to increase its capabilities and features with all of the following included:
• Full HD Projector
• Lowlight / Flashlight training feature
• Trainee Action Capture camera system
• 5.1 sound system
• 4×4 (16 lanes) laser hit detection system

America’s Army
America’s Army training products can be added to any Shoothouse system to provide interactive CGI training scenarios.

Optional VBSIII can be added to any Shoothouse system to support CQB, CQM, and theatre specific training.

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Learn more about MILO Range Shoothouse

The MILO Range Shoothouse system provides interactive, high definition video and CGI graphics in a multi-room training environment; meeting the needs of team training and high throughput training programs. Pricing starts at $73,495. Contact a MILO rep for more details.

MILO Range Shoothouse