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Standard and Advanced Indoor Target Retrieval Systems

Every MILO target retrieval system is designed and fabricated for durability and dependability. Each is built with the expectation of daylong operation on ranges that allow both semi-automatic and fully automatic handguns and rifles. Both our standard and advanced target retrieval systems rely on simple, robust designs to ensure hassle-free shooting sessions and a long, low-maintenance working life. We offer different options and will help you select the best system to meet your needs.

Standard MILO Live Target Retrieval Systems are robust, cost-efficient, and easy to install. They are available as either suspended-wire trolley cable systems or hard-rail monorail systems. Both designs are independently manually operated at the lane to set target distance and retrieval and come standard with LED sight lights.

MILO Live’s Advanced PULSAR™ Target Retrieval Systems is a cut above. This patented, fully wireless, self-propelled, self-monitoring target retrieval system has no cables or busbars, allowing for much longer lane lengths—up to 100+ yards. Each target carrier is entirely self-contained and fully programmable, offering pre-set or individual courses of fire with multiple target movements, lighting options, and target pivots (perfect for friend/foe shoot/don’t shoot training). PULSAR target carriers are wirelessly operated via touch-screen and can be controlled either by the shooter or the range master.

The Most Advanced Target Retrieval System

MILO Live’s Advanced PULSAR™ Target Retrieval Systems is the only hassle-free programmable target retrieval system currently on the market. It’s suitable for full-day operation at commercial or private ranges allowing both semi-automatic and fully automatic handguns and rifles firing rounds up to 3600 fps with up to 3800 ft. lbs of energy.

Our patented self-propelled target carriers are entirely wireless—including contactless charging every time it returns to the home position. The target carriers are self-monitoring for early warning if there are any issues (like shell casing or other debris lodged on the track). Maintenance is as easy as giving the target carriers a regular wipe-down to clear off dust and particles. The quick-mount carriers are easy to swap out in the unlikely case that one is damaged.

This design, alongside the target carrier’s fast speed (up to 19.6 feet per second) and on-board target lighting allow for longer lane lengths—and make it practical to deploy such a configuration. The PULSAR system supports independent wireless touch-screen operation for each target carrier. Carriers can be controlled by the individual shooter on a per lane basis, or the range master (who can control up to 48 lanes at a time and break lanes into “rooms” for simultaneous exercises or competitions). The shooter or range master can program custom courses of fire. These can run on any target carrier in the PULSAR system and include multiple target movements, lighting changes, and target pivots to 90º, 180º, and 360º with edging, as well as “flinch fakes”—perfect for friend/foe shoot/don’t shoot training.


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  • Low/no maintenance: no pulleys, no cables, no exposed wheels; all it needs is a regular wipe-down
  • Touch-screen system allows for individual per-lane control, virtual training rooms composed of several lanes, or full-range coordinated classes
  • Flexible lane lengths up to 100 meters
  • Smooth target carrier operation and fast travel speeds for reduced wait times and improved training experience
  • Advanced training with preloaded qualification courses of fire, or create and share custom courses from the touchscreen
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  • Completely wireless operation—no cables or busbars
  • Safe and dependable self-propelled operation with an integral contactless rechargeable smart battery
  • Long battery life: up to 8 hours of continuous use (under normal use conditions) without having to break for recharge
  • Fast targets: move up to 19.6 feet per second (with the ability to select lower top speeds)
  • Real-time target check/view
  • Quick change target carrier clamping system
  • 90º, 180º, and 360º target turning with friend/foe presentation and edging
  • Preloaded qualification courses of fire and integrated course creation software
  • Dimmable red/green/blue/white integrated lighting, target carrier accent lighting, lane marker and gun site lights, and customer nameplate and tactical options
  • 120-240V 50/60HZ power capable
  • Ballistic rating up rifle .308
  • Touch-screen interface with individual lane control—or control up to 48 lanes at once from a programmable range-wide master control
  • Course-of-fire programming includes
    • Lights
    • Target pivot (for angle and shoot-don’t shoot)
    • Target distance position
    • Flinch “fake” target movement
    • Adjustable speed for entire course-of-fire each session


  • Built-in automatic shot score/hit detection
  • Random course-of-fire with “disco lights”
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Standard Target Retrieval SYSTEMS

Our Standard Target Retrieval Systems are available in a variety of custom configurations, relying on either suspended-wire trolley cable drive systems or hard-rail monorail systems. MILO Live Standard Target Retrieval Systems are easy to operate. They are independently controlled by each shooter to allow for controlled positioning of each target’s distance. All systems are approved for continuous operation in indoor ranges permitting handguns and rifles (semi- or full-auto) firing rounds at up to 2200 fps with up to 2000 ft. lbs of energy. (“Rifle Rated” upgrades are also available for ranges that allow higher powered cartridges.)

The entire system is designed and fabricated for easy installation and maintenance. Regardless of configuration, our time-tested designs are entirely hand-crafted in the United States using durable materials to ensure a long life for every target retrieval system we deliver.

All Standard Target Retrieval Systems come complete with:

  • Motor control boxes
  • Retrieval ends
  • Target carriers
  • Target hangers
  • Stainless steel cable/stainless steel drive cord
  • Pre-constructed wiring harnesses/switches
  • LED sight lights for each lane
  • Switch-operated control
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Bring Our Target Retrieval System to Your Range

Every solution is custom, but our goal is always the same: To balance your training and organizational objectives and your budget in delivering the most effective solutions possible. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then work closely with your team in developing and delivering the appropriate custom shooting ranges and range equipment. We have an established track record for helping military organizations, training academies, community colleges, and law enforcement agencies find the ideal solution for their facilities, training styles, firearms, and trainees. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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