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Controlled Response to Complex Situations

How we train in advance determines how we will react in the moment. Effective use-of-force training goes beyond sharpening reflexes and developing muscle memory. Law officers need to hone a complete set of decision-making tools that prepare them to make split-second assessments and move in either direction along the use-of-force continuum.

Immersive, emotionally intense MILO use-of-force training simulation systems prepare officers to quickly identify, process, assess, and ultimately engage in complex and high-risk situations.

A Use-of-Force Training Simulator that Goes Beyond Firearms

Every emergency requires split-second decision-making by responding officers, but high-stress environments impact heart rates and adrenaline, affecting emotional regulation. In order to be prepared for the real complexity of their jobs, law enforcement needs the opportunity to train in realistic, open-ended scenarios—ones that test their situational awareness and where all of their de-escalation and force options are on the table.

MILO Range simulators offer a wide variety of complex police skills training and experience, setting the international standard for scenario-based interactive use-of-force training, tactical judgment training, and firearms training systems.

All MILO Range systems provide trainees and officers a full range of force options across the use-of-force continuum in response scenarios, from providing a professional and non-threatening officer presence as a deterrent to the application of various soft and hard less-than-lethal techniques to, when necessary, effective marksmanship training. MILO provides iterative and branching opportunities to practice specific and effective responses to life-threatening situations.

With MILO Range systems, you can:

  • Build skills in communication, interaction, de-escalation, and split-second decision making
  • Train your officers to treat citizens fairly and make any use-of-force decisions based on threat cues alone
  • Provide a sensory-rich environment designed to trigger real and vivid responses
  • Train in a safe, controlled, debrief-able environment where officers can review, adjust, and try again until they get it right

Use-of-Force Options

Use-of-force training is about more than choosing which force option to use.  MILO provides officers with opportunities to explore all of the tools at their disposal. MILO’s high-definition “human-interaction” training scenarios offer full emotional immersion. The branching decision trees are controlled by the instructor, who can dynamically shift the trajectory of the interaction. Multiple police officers or trainees can participate in any of the interactive scenario-based exercises, which can also be run in interactive low-light/flashlight conditions. Every exercise includes integrated software tools for after-action decision analysis and replay.

In contrast to many “force options training” systems, MILO systems are not limited to simple police firearms training. Every MILO system includes a full library of scenarios that provide opportunities to train on crisis intervention, situational awareness, judgment skills, active listening and communication, operational strategy, and de-escalation.

By expanding use-of-force training to include situational awareness, de-escalation, and the full use-of-force continuum, MILO systems help to ensure that law enforcement officers are ready with a controlled response in any situation.


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MILO Range Simulators Use-of-Force Features

MILO Range systems integrate with your specific officer training needs, providing simulations and live-fire options, utilizing a variety of firearms and less-than-lethal force options such as tasers and OC pepper spray.

MILO’s “skill-focused” marksmanship modes include both firing range and CGI live-action exercises with real-time shot feedback and analysis, static and moving targets, and a library of over 60 specific skill-based exercises. MILO systems can be upgraded with live-fire/laser options, shoot-back systems, custom scenarios, and more, including firearm recoil kits for new or existing weapons.

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Preparing Your Instructors to Train Your Policy

MILO solutions go beyond the simulation. Over and over again, trainers and instructors report that the real value in their integrated, immersive use-of-force simulator is in the opportunities it creates to pinpoint exactly where their students are succeeding and falling short and zero in on the often subtle opportunities to change the course of an interaction.

MILO offers tools to facilitate after-action debriefing, analyze trainee performance, and create custom content unique to your needs. We train your instructors to use these advanced simulation tools so that your policies can be consistently communicated as part of every exercise. Your simulation-based training solution will grow and change as the challenges your officers face—and the tools available to them—expand and transform.

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Use-of-Force Training Solution

We invest time in understanding your needs and policies up front, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate training solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this custom solution into your training procedures and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your policies and challenges inevitably change over time.

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