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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does MILO stand for?

Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives

When we first designed and released the MILO simulator systems in 2004, it was unique because, for the first time, you could use one computer-based system to accomplish several training tasks in the same location at once, including classroom-based lessons,  instructional presentations, interactive-individual and group testing, and scoring, physical hands-on firearms and use of force training exercises and scenarios. This multiple training and testing capability led to the acronym MILO.


What funding and finance options are available?

MILO does not directly finance or lease systems. Most agencies and customers use public or private funds to procure MILO systems for law enforcement and public safety training. Some agencies use grants and awards provided by DOJ and other federal sources for training systems specializing in de-escalation, critical incident management training, and decision/judgmental training under stress. We offer financing and leases through third-party finance companies specializing in large equipment financing for our commercial and private customers. Click here for more information.


Who is FAAC in relation to MILO?

FAAC and MILO are brands under the Arotech Company name. Arotech is the organizational parent company to MILO, FAAC, and several other companies and divisions. Arotech is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More info is available at


What is your GSA number?

MILO GSA Contract Number: GS-00F-332CA



How big of a space is needed for the MILO Range simulators?

Room sizes will vary for each MILO simulator system. The best rule of thumb is “as big as you can get .” This is so trainees have room in the simulator area to create space, move to cover, change angles and approaches, and factor in the operational ranges of the tools they have in the scenario—taser devices, OC spray, Batons, firearms, etc.

However, for single-screen systems (MILO Range Classic, Advanced, and Pro), we recommend a minimum of 12 feet wide, 15 feet long, and 8-9 feet high.

For multi-screen systems like the MILO Range Theater 180 and Theater 300 products, you’ll need a minimum of 23ft wide and 27ft long with a 9ft height.


How much does a MILO Range simulator cost?

Each of our simulators varies in price, along with the options that are available to them. We have simulators starting at $15,745. Please contact us to let us know which type of simulator you are interested in, and we can get you started with pricing information.


What is the difference between the lethal weapon platforms?

All MILO Range products support almost every commonly used service weapon via included drop-in laser inserts or optional WRK kits, making the system ready to train right out of the box.


Dry-fire training involves using inert weapons, which activate a MILO Range laser by firing a pin strike or hammer fall. Dry-fire training provides a safe, low-cost, low-maintenance training weapon solution with little to no moving parts and no consumables other than batteries.

 Wireless Recoil Kits (WRK):

Recoil kits are designed to quickly insert into live weapons with minimal tools and provide CO2 or High-Pressure Air (HPA) recoil to enhance the training experience with firearms on the MILO systems. Each kit is designed to fit quickly into a particular weapon model and does not modify or change the live weapon’s weight, balance, and feel while in a converted state.


Does the MILO Range need to be connected to the internet to work?

No. The MILO system is designed as a stand-alone system and does not require an internet or IT network connection to operate. This relieves the security requirements that many agencies have for IT, as the MILO system does not require using those assets to operate.

Note: A network connection via Wi-Fi or a hardline is required for MILO personnel to install updates to your system remotely.


How do I get updated scenarios?

MILO creates 15-20 scenarios a quarter, or about 60 new ones yearly, in our in-house cognitive division. New content for your system can be obtained by contacting our service department at 800.344.1707 and asking for MILO support. You can also contact us via email at Be sure to provide your agency name and system type; we’ll take it from there! We can update remotely (with an internet connection) or send updates with a customer-provided external hard drive.


Can I have custom scenarios created?

Yes. MILO provides a comprehensive service of custom scenario creation, where clients can incorporate their training objectives, policies, procedures, and familiar environments into their own video-based scenarios.

Our team will work with you on defining your training goals to create emotionally rich training scenarios that capture the uncertainty of real-world interactions while meeting your unique training objective(s). Contact us for pricing.


Do you offer MILO training certification?

Yes. All MILO systems come with initial instructor training at a customer-determined location, often the same room where the simulator will be installed and used.


Do you offer refresher training?

Yes. Refresher training is available at the customer site for a small fixed price to cover travel expenses for our instructor. It is free at the MILO headquarters offices in Ann Arbor. Training and instructional videos can also be found in the Training folder on each system, and electronic manuals and videos are available through our service portal. Contact us for pricing and details.


How quickly will I get my simulator after I place an order?

Depending on the system and accessories ordered, MILO delivers within 45-60 days after receiving the order. Many orders are filled within 30 days. However, the best rule of thumb is 60 days ARO due to supply chains and longer lead times.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have a lot of international customers! We even have partners based in major hubs internationally to help expedite the process and ensure you have someone to assist you locally.


Do you have to be in law enforcement or the military to purchase a simulator?

No. We have a division that is entirely devoted to commercial customers who have bona fide businesses that do training for firearms and defensive tactics, shooting ranges, CPL instructors, and NRA-qualified instructors.


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