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Police Academy Simulation Training

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Law Enforcement Academy Simulation Training

The more realistic the training, the more effective the results. That’s especially the case with split-second decision-making and de-escalation training. At MILO, we build police simulators that meet the needs of trainees and law enforcement academies today, and those needs change over time. 

MILO Range simulators can be especially helpful in exploring different strategies for de-escalating citizen encounters and using less-lethal force options. MILO’s branching interactive scenarios allow police trainees to play out the consequences of their decision-making and directly compare their applied procedures and outcomes to agency policies. The integrated Trainee Action Capture (TAC) system provides multiple methods of recording and reviewing what happened in the simulator, giving officers-in-training multiple options for rethinking their approach and revising for improvement.

An Immersive Training Simulator for the Police Academy

MILO Range simulators are the international standard for interactive training systems and a global leader in providing simulation solutions for government and law enforcement agencies of all types.

Our customizable law enforcement simulators create a variety of realistic settings and scenarios. MILO’s immersive training system can be as simple as a single-screen simulator or as complex as a multi-screen shoothouse or 300-degree theater. It can be customized to meet the needs of your training program.

MILO simulators allow for multi-participant scenarios with open-ended decision-making, realistic weapons, and simultaneous multi-directional interactivity. The MILO Range Theater system is fully immersive, with an enhanced field of view, increased realism, and true-to-life scenarios. You can even produce your own custom scenarios to match interactions unique to the communities you serve.

Scenario-Based Training for Law Enforcement

Regardless of size or complexity, every MILO system includes both skill-focused modes and interactive video-based scenarios that prepare trainees for real-life challenges. 

Skill-focused modes include real-time shot feedback and analysis, static and moving targets, and over 60 exercises. Video scenarios offer full emotional immersion with branching decisions and tools for after-action analysis and replay. Any system can be upgraded with additional options for increased realism.

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State-of-the-Art MILO Range Technology and Features

MILO Range PRO and Advanced systems offer features that empower your training program to focus on real scenarios that officers encounter every day, as well as low-frequency/high-impact situations that are extremely difficult to train for outside of the simulation. No other simulator gives you as many options: 

  • Interactive GRAPHX Skill-Builder Exercises pre-loaded for all skill levels
  • Interactive Scenarios based on real-life
  • Lowlight and Flashlight Training Features can be toggled on any scenario for any flashlight model
  • MILO Course Designer and Scenario Creation tools let trainers create custom training content
  • KnowledgeBase Library integrates relevant agency policies and procedures for applied learning directly in the simulator
  • Live Fire Option makes it possible to switch between laser-based and live-fire training without reconfiguration
  • Trainee Action Capture (TAC) records video for analysis and further training
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MILO Range Simulator Systems for Police Academy Training Programs 

MILO Range simulators’ state-of-the-art content and technologies provide police academies with maximal training options–and the tools and flexibility to customize that solution to meet the unique needs of your trainees, agencies, and communities. 

MILO solutions go beyond the simulation. MILO offers tools to facilitate after-action debriefing, analyze trainee performance, and create custom scenarios unique to your needs. We train your instructors to use these advanced simulation tools so that your policies can be consistently communicated as part of every exercise. 


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Police Academy Training Solution

We understand that every police academy is unique. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then include your team in developing and delivering the appropriate training simulator solution. We have an established track record for helping academies, community colleges, and law enforcement agencies find the ideal solution for their facilities, training styles, firearms, and trainees. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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