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Extremely Efficient Shooting Range Lead Reclamation

Outdoor ranges are typically very quick to build and cost-effective to operate—until it comes time to reclaim the spent bullets and lead shot. For most outdoor ranges, lead abatement (e.g., “mining” lead from earth berm systems or sandpits) can cost millions in downtime and remediation fees.

MILO Live’s newest, patent-pending product, the “Bullet Bank,” dramatically reduces these costs to near zero. When installed as part of your backdrop system, the Bullet Bank captures all lead correctly placed downrange. Lead mitigation is built into the system, and recycling takes just minutes. EPA and OSHA lead contamination, mitigation, and liability become non-issues. This doesn’t just massively reduce maintenance costs and downtime. It also preserves the recovered metal’s maximum recycling value (compared to the “dirty” lead that results from sifting shot from earth berms and sand traps). The Bullet Bank reduces EPA/OSHA liability, minimizes mitigation costs, and adds an extra revenue stream you can reinvest in your range.


We offer a selection of bullet traps to fit your shooting range needs, depending on your specific shooting range design. Our bullet traps are designed and manufactured on-site by our skilled professionals to consistently, reliably, and safely receive all caliber bullets under all live-fire training conditions.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

The Bullet Bank makes range maintenance as simple as taking out the trash: 

  • Remove the two-gallon collection container full of spent bullets from the bullet trap
  • Put a lid on it
  • Place an empty collection container under the bullet trap
  • Call your local recycler to pick up your lead

Anyone can do it in minutes: standard equipment, no partnering with a lead remediation company, no range downtime.

The Bullet Bank is built around a vertical bullet trap design, which is safer and more effective than comparable horizontal bullet trap designs. In addition to the advantages of more effectively using gravity to slow and collect the bullets, vertical systems are also far superior at containing rounds and preventing bullets from getting around the trap.

Your Bullet Bank lead shot recovery system will consistently, reliably, and safely capture all caliber bullets under any live-fire training conditions. All of our bullet traps are designed and manufactured on-site in the USA by our skilled professionals under our quality assurance system. Every surface a bullet contacts is made from a hardened AR plate, precisely angled to minimize wear and maximize safety. All materials for bullet impact are AR500 Armor Plate.

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Designed for Safety, Sustainability, and Cost-Effective Operations

The MILO Live Bullet Bank is a true lead recovery bullet trap system. It safely captures, collects, and stores all bullets properly fired downrange, allowing for the safe removal and disposal of lead and other debris without human contact or environmental damage.

Because MILO bullet traps rely on a passive design, there is near-zero maintenance. No other media (e.g., rubber, sand, or water) is used, meaning there is nothing to sift, separate, or “mine” for bullets and no potential hazardous waste stream.

Bullet Bank modules have five bays, each outfitted with its own bullet catch. A free-standing Bullet Bank module requires no structural support; a flat concrete slab is all that’s needed. Every module can be butted up to modules on either side, then joined with a knife-edge connector. Any size range can quickly be built or expanded with additional Bullet Bank modules.

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Bullet Bank Lead Recovery Bullet Trap Features

  • Free-standing modular design 
  • Small footprint
  • Set-in-place turnkey solution
  • Superior bullet containment
  • All impact plates are engineered for durability and minimal surface wear
  • Low installation, maintenance, and collection costs
  • Available for pistol, rifle, .50 cal, and more
  • Lead mitigation is built into the bullet bank system, and recycling takes just minutes
  • Preserve the recovered metal’s maximum recycling value
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Bullet Bank to Fit Your Shooting Range Needs

We understand that every range project is unique. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then work closely with your team to develop and deliver the appropriate lead shot recovery solution. We have an established track record for helping military, law enforcement, commercial, and private shooting ranges find the ideal solution for their facilities and training style. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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