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Driving Force
Pursuit & Use of Force Training Simulator

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Driving Force

Officers will receive and respond to calls in the patrol car, conduct an investigation and field interview, make a simulated arrest and implement a level of force necessary to gain compliance from a subject. The most valuable component of this combined training is that it takes the officer from the beginning to the end of a call.

Driving Force Features

Render complex decisions and engage in intricate responses under conditions of time pressure, high stakes and stress-induced physical discomfort.

• Fully integrated Driving/Force options simulation
• Elevated immersion
• Simulator-to-simulator integration
• Scenario matching
• Scenario development software application (optional)
• Multi-screen theater environment (optional)


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Nothing more fully prepares officers for what they will do during a patrol cycle than placing them in those situations during training. By combining driving and use-of-force systems in a single training session, the officer has a much more realistic experience as it relates to patrol duties. Officers do exactly the same things in the training room that they do on duty.

Driving Force