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Live-Fire Gun Ranges & Equipment, Designed and Built for Shooter Safety and Comfort

The principal element in the design and construction of every aspect of a shooting range should be shooter safety and comfort. These are the foundations of effective learning at any target range, regardless of the context (private, commercial, military, or law enforcement firearm training).

MILO Live is a premier design and manufacturing company providing modular ranges and high-quality indoor and outdoor shooting range equipment. We ensure every gun range we design (and each piece of equipment integrated into that shooting range) is built to the highest industry standards. We’re here to meet the growing demands of today’s shooting range by always putting safety, comfort, and quality first.

Our handgun and rifle shooting ranges are designed and tested to ensure complete safety and comfort during target operation so shooters are not distracted from the task at hand. Multifaceted space management engineering allows both instructor and student enough room to shoot and work together while keeping the focus downrange and maintaining the maximum safeguards.


Innovative, Indoor Gun Range Equipment

Our innovative shooting stall design maximizes the number of lanes an area can include, while dimensional design lends to better shooter orientation, comfort, and protection for tactical and target training. Double steel jacketed walls and stainless steel trim complete the space with style and functionality.

Our quality ceiling baffles are fabricated with pre-punched and welded suspension brackets. Our CAD-Designed plate spacing ensures all projectiles are directed downrange for ultimate firearm safety and durability, protecting lighting and HVAC fixtures.

MILO Live’s patented Target Retrieval System relies on a straightforward design, using durable materials, to ensure a long operational life with minimal maintenance. Each shooter independently operates the Target Retrieval System, allowing for controlled positioning of each target’s distance. We offer different options and will help you select the best target system to meet your needs.


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Indoor Shooting Ranges and Outdoor Shooting Ranges with Best-in-Class Lead Mitigation

Our teams have installed over 500 custom HVAC, air-handling, and ventilation systems and over 800 shooting-range-specific projects. At indoor shooting ranges, these custom solutions create an airflow down the length of the range that pulls lead dust and particulates toward bullet traps for the safest and healthiest possible training environment.

This attention to detail extends to our MILO Live Bullet Traps. With an indoor shooting range, the bullet traps integrate directly with the firearm range’s air-purification system. They require no pumps, media, additional filters, or moving parts. Spent firearm rounds are directly captured in sealable plastic containers that can be removed and replaced in under a minute by anyone (not just a trained technician). Lead handling is minimized, sharply decreasing the opportunity for lead exposure or the escape and spread of lead particulate.

MILO Live’s Bullet Bank is a better lead mitigation solution for outdoor ranges than any other on the market. It vastly improves on older solutions (like earth berms and sand pits). Not only is the Bullet Bank better at catching lead in outdoor ranges, but it also makes for a removal/recovery process that’s simple and minimizes lead contact.


Shooting Range Ventilation and HVAC Systems

Air quality is paramount when constructing an indoor firing range. MILO Live’s engineering team has over 35 years in the HVAC industry and has designed and installed over 500 HVAC applications and systems. We have designed over 800 individual tactical rifle and handgun range projects. Our HVAC systems meet OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA regulations for safety.

We provide you with a complete CAD design of the following:

  • Recommended air conditioning and heating equipment selections
  • Exhaust fans and blowers
  • Filter racks and filters
  • Full ductwork designs, duct sizing, dampers, and register selections

Unlike our competitors, all MILO Live shooting range components are fabricated in-house by our professional metal fabricators, using designs and techniques engineered to maintain the highest level of quality in all our firing range products, accessories, and components. Our materials are certified by an independent laboratory and designed to meet the toughest standards for value and long-term durability.


State-of-the-Art Shooting Range Equipment for Your Gun Range

Every solution is custom, but our goal is always the same: To balance your training objectives against your budget in crafting the most emotionally realistic, educationally effective, and environmentally sound rifle and handgun range solution possible.

We understand that every shooting range is unique. That’s why we invest time in understanding your needs upfront, then include your team in developing and delivering the right gear and infrastructure. We have an established track record for helping academies, community colleges, law enforcement agencies, and private groups find the best tactical solution for their facilities, training styles, firearms, and trainees. Contact us today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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