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How we train in advance determines how we will react in the moment. An officer may never have to use their weapon or less-than-lethal in the line of duty. But they will have to exercise sound judgment, patience, verbal communication, and de-escalation skills daily.  Nothing more fully prepares officers to “work past the sticking point” in high-risk, high-stakes situations than allowing them to experience them in a low-risk exploratory learning environment.

MILO Range simulators have set the international standard for creating interactive learning environments for use-of-force, tactical judgment, firearms, and de-escalation training. We are the world-leading simulation provider for government, military, and law enforcement agencies. Our customizable simulations deliver safe and realistic training options that allow you to train your team effectively. More importantly, MILO works continuously to improve the capabilities of our systems, so you can be sure you are investing in a state-of-the-art solution that will fit your needs, even as those needs change.


A Holistic Approach to Police Training Simulators

MILO police training simulator scenarios are designed to accomplish several training tasks, fostering better, faster, safer tactical, operational, procedural, and ethical decisions. MILO Range simulators go beyond marksmanship and firearms training. They aren’t just computerized firing ranges or simple “use-of-force” and force-options simulators. MILO Range simulators are also “human interaction simulators” featuring hundreds of interactive scenarios. These are fully emotionally immersive role-playing simulation scenarios with branching decision trees, allowing officers to exercise every facet of their training.

In contrast to other organizations offering simulation-based training solutions, MILO can combine live-fire training, immersive experience-based virtual training, and advanced evidence-based cognitive training to provide a comprehensive and holistic solution for law enforcement. MILO works with established experts, clinicians, and researchers so that the training scenarios reflect the latest research into human behavior, cognitive neuroscience, crisis intervention, and law enforcement best practices. This training is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each individual and agency.


MILO Police Simulator Options and Features

MILO Range training simulators can be as simple as a single-screen simulator or as complex as a multi-screen “shoothouse” or fully immersive 300-degree theater. MILO simulators can even be part of a live-ammo firing range. Whatever the configuration, your MILO simulator can be customized to meet your department’s or training program’s needs.

Regardless of size or complexity, every MILO simulator features skill-focused modes (with dozens of “firing range” and CGI live-action exercises) and video-based role-play scenarios.

The library of interactive training scenarios includes hundreds of “multi-branch” video training scenarios. These are all designed for real-world accuracy and “emotional immersion.” Each immersive training scenario supports lowlight/flashlight training and includes after-action decision analysis and replay tools.

The officer’s training in a MILO Range simulator will translate to real-world situations requiring split-second decision-making. All systems support multiple trainees with multiple force options. Force options include firearms and less-than-lethal options like OC spray and conducted electrical weapons. MILO Range simulators can be upgraded with firearm recoil kits, live-fire/laser options, shootback systems, and more.

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Getting the Most from Your Police Training Simulator

The real value of an integrated, immersive simulation training solution is in allowing trainees a safe place to ask questions, make mistakes, practice and build new skills, overcome challenges, and improve. It should be a place for trainees to IMPROVE themselves, not PROVE themselves.

MILO offers custom content creation or the tools for agencies to create custom scenarios unique to their needs. As policies, protocols, and challenges evolve over time, so will your police training simulator.


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