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Immersive Combat and Defensive Tactics Training Solutions

The battlefield is inherently unpredictable and always evolving. Constant change requires quick thinking, adaptability, and the ability to make split-second decisions amid confusion and uncertainty while coping with immense emotional pressure and physical stress.
Training helps us prepare—but only when it can capture and accurately replicate some of the more challenging aspects of reality in the field. That includes everything from the chaos of a forward operating base under attack to the tedious hours spent at a checkpoint where “nothing ever happens.” Until it does…

Since 1971, FAAC’s military simulation programs have offered training solutions—from air combat and refueling to tactical vehicle training, route clearance, weapons skills deployment, and day-to-day operations. These simulations have provided soldiers in training with real-world experiences, helping them hone skills, situational awareness, and critical judgment long before they go anywhere near the battlefield.

These military training technologies have become the standard for real-time weapons training and skills assessment. Now, through their MILO Virtual division, FAAC is redefining the use of virtual reality technology in military training exercises.


Military Training Using VR Technology

Simulator training has already established itself as an excellent approach for many combat training purposes. High-fidelity air and land simulations allow for safe, efficient, transferable skills training that covers both low-frequency/high-risk situations as well as the routine day-to-day tasks where complacency can prove deadly.

Similarly, existing simulation-based firearms and marksmanship training systems allow trainers to create more comprehensive exercises. These integrate tactics, knowledge of policy and procedure, situational awareness, and communication skills alongside marksmanship and weapons skills development in projector/screen-based virtual simulated environments and live-fire shooting ranges.

But projector-based and screen-based simulation training isn’t always right for every scenario. This is especially the case when the desired training environment—low-light conditions, close-quarters battle, a roadside location where the threat can come from any direction—plays a significant role in your training objectives and desired outcomes.

The latest generation of head-mounted VR solutions can offer a superior training experience for developing and maintaining skills that soldiers need in today’s combat environments: situational/spatial awareness, tactical movement and the ability to quickly move and scan areas for threats and indicators, communication skills under pressure, stress management and inoculation, and emotional resilience.

This becomes apparent as soon as a trainee puts on a MILO VR headset: When soldiers use VR training, they immediately begin to interact with the environment and the human subjects presented in the scenario. The psychological immersion brings deeper spatial and situational awareness. The exercises are also more emotionally realistic and create a higher degree of “presence,” which helps trainees develop the critical thinking skills necessary for information gathering and tactical decision-making under pressure.

MILO VR: Advanced Virtual Reality Defense and Military Training

MILO has brought their established branching scenario technology from their MILO Range products into this new immersive VR platform. This gives military personnel an open, non-linear environment that invites interaction, investigation, and intellectual engagement. MILO VR training scenarios progress effortlessly and intuitively, allowing trainers to move from a wide-open field engagement to a claustrophobic tunnel or alley in a click.  One brief VR training session can include daytime operations, nighttime operations, limited visibility, inclement weather, close-quarters battle-CQB, special operations engagements, clearing rooms, and tunnels, defending a forward operating base, staffing a seemingly quiet checkpoint, and much more. MILO VR will soon support multi-participant scenarios, allowing up to four people to collaborate together in the same simulated virtual space.

MILO VR comes with a full suite of integrated after-action review (AAR) and teaching tools. These tools form a comprehensive platform for in-depth training and debriefings. They include live mirroring and full point-of-view flexibility. The entire class can observe a trainee’s progress from a distance, first-person perspective, overhead aerial view, as a bystander, and more.


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Benefits of MILO VR for Military Training

  • Flexibility: MILO VR is an anytime/anywhere training solution. Train at the Point-of-Need (PON)
  • Skill-building beyond weapons training : Immerse soldiers and military personnel in virtual environments replicating real-world scenarios. Get in reps any time of the day
  • Physically dynamic training: Full immersion naturally encourages trainees to move tactically, actively scan, take cover, check their blind spots, and interact with the virtual environment in 360 degrees.
  • Superior training: A comprehensive platform for in-depth debriefing, enabling you to dissect trainee performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Customized Scenario Options:

MILO’s software allows military agencies and trainers to customize and refine VR training content. Adjust characters and environments to match your unique requirements. Create new scenario branches—or entirely new training scenarios—to fit changing conditions.

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Virtual Reality in the Military: Looking Forward to Tomorrow

We provide systems engineering, simulation solutions, and software products to the U.S. government, the Department of Defense, and private industry. We take a hands-on approach to developing our solutions, including conducting tactical combat analyses and developing analytical models and simulations. We then deliver turnkey training systems for the U.S. military and its related industrial contractors.

MILO embraces a “Customer for Life” philosophy: We invest the time upfront to understand your needs and deliver the appropriate turnkey solution. We’ll help you find the best way to integrate this new VR technology into your training programs and support you in maintaining and evolving this solution as your needs change over time.

We don’t just build and sell training equipment; we partner with military organizations, governmental agencies, and military subject matter experts to develop the tools you need for your ideal training program. Contact us today—our team of experts is standing by to answer your questions and support your organization.

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VR Simulation for Military Training