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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does MILO stand for?

Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives

When we first designed and released the MILO simulator systems in 2004, it was unique because, for the first time, you could use one computer-based system to accomplish several training tasks in the same location at once, including classroom-based lessons,  instructional presentations, interactive-individual and group testing, and scoring, physical hands-on firearms and use of force training exercises and scenarios. This multiple training and testing capability lead to the acronym MILO.


What funding and finance options are available?

MILO does not directly finance or lease systems. Most agencies and customers use public or private funds to procure MILO systems for law enforcement and public safety training. Some agencies use grants and awards provided by DOJ and other federal sources for training systems specializing in de-escalation, critical incident management training, and decision/judgmental training under stress. We offer financing and leases through third-party finance companies specializing in large equipment financing for our commercial and private customers. Click here for more information.


Who is FAAC in relation to MILO?

FAAC and MILO are brands under the Arotech Company name. Arotech is the organizational parent company to MILO, FAAC, and several other companies and divisions. Arotech is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More info is available at


What is your GSA number?

MILO GSA Contract Number: GS-00F-332CA




What is the permit and zoning process?

The customer is responsible for checking with their city, town, county, and state to see what is required to install a range in their area.


How much does a Ready Range cost?

Each of our ranges varies in price, along with the options that are available to them. Our two-lane ranges start in the low $200,000 range. Please contact us, and we can get you started with pricing information.


Do I need to obtain building permits?

Please check with your local city, county & state governments.


What is the typical delivery time?

Delivery time is between 10-12 months from when we receive signed drawings back from the customer. (Drawings can take up to 2 weeks to provide)


Can the Ready Range be put on a trailer?

No, the Ready Range is designed to be placed on a property and only moved if needed.


Can the Ready Range be put in a warehouse?

Yes, if the fresh air intake and exhaust are ducted to the outside of the building. The customer is responsible for hiring a mechanical contractor to do all ductwork.


Can Ready Range be extended in length?

Yes, the Ready Range can be extended on ranges longer than sixty-foot.
(40’ & 50’ Ready Ranges can not be extended in length)


What are the power requirements for the Ready Range?

The power requirements are 208v, 100amp – 300amp, and 3-ph, depending on natural gas or propane availability.


Can the Ready Range be buried?

No, the Ready Range needs to be above ground so you can access the bullet traps for maintenance and power code requirements.


Do you ship to my location?

We can ship to most countries around the world.


Do you sell replacement parts? 

Yes, we sell replacement parts. Please contact us for a complete list of replacement parts.


How do I perform maintenance on my bullet traps?

Please contact us for maintenance documents.